Bermuda ‘Nitro Racing’ Third Round Results

March 22, 2017

The third and final round of the Bermuda Nitro Racing 2017 Spring Nationals was held on Sunday.

The results of the A Main Buggy:

  • 1st – Keimon Lawrence driving the Hotbodies.
  • 2nd – Dejaun Paynter driving the Hotbodies
  • 3rd – Anthony Bell driving the Hotbodies

Taking First Place in the A Main was Keimon Lawrence. This is his fifth podium finish of the season. He has one first place finish and four second place finishes.

In second place was Dejaun Paynter, who has one second place and one third place for the current season. In third place was Anthony Bell, who has seven podium finishes this season, with three third place finishes, three second place finishes, and one race win. Kwa-Z Dill was the top qualifier for the day, this is his ninth TQ in a row, and ten overall for the season.

The results of the B Main Buggy:

  • 1st – Dejaun Paynter driving the Hotbodies
  • 2nd – Aaron Deshield driving the Losi 4.0
  • 3rd – Lothar Gores driving the XRay XB8

Aaron Deshield and Dejaun Paynter bumped to the A Main as a result of the B Main finish.

The AKA Racing – A Main Season Standings

  • 1st Kwa-Z Dill
  • 2nd Keimon Lawrence
  • 3rd Quincy Aberdeen
  • 4th Aaron Deshield
  • 5th Joe Valadao

There was a change in the fourth and fifth place positions. Aaron Deshield overtook Joe Valadao for fourth position. The gap between first and second has closed.

In the AKA Racing – B Main Season Standings

  • 1st Steven Fox
  • 2nd Lothar Gores
  • 3rd Jason Venning
  • 4th Curtis Richardson
  • 5th Dejaun Paynter

Positions remain unchanged from previous week.

FInal Standings Spring Nationals Standings

  • 1st Kwa-Z Dill
  • 2nd Anthony Bell
  • 3rd Keimon Lawrence

In the Truggy Race, there were 4 Truggies racing with the final positions determined using a qualifying points system.

The finishing positions for the Truggies were:

  • 1st – Quincy Aberdeen driving the Agama A215T
  • 2nd – Jonathan Davis driving the Mugen Seiki MBX7TR
  • 3rd – Aaron Deshield driving the Losi 4.0

Final Standings Spring Nationals Standings for Truggy are:

  • 1st Quincy Aberdeen
  • 2nd Aaron Deshield
  • 3rd Jonathan Davis

The next race day will be April 2, 2017.


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