Conversation About LGBTQ Issues In Bermuda

March 21, 2017

OUTBermuda has shared the results of their efforts to engage the community at large in a conversation around LGBTQ issues in Bermuda.

A spokesperson said, “As a new charity, the goal of embarking on a community engagement initiative was to give stakeholders the ability to influence our organization’s future.

“A platform was offered for individuals to share their hopes, dreams and aspirations for Bermuda as a whole, while critically assessing the role OUTBermuda can play in creating the kind of community that reflects our highest aspirations for our Island.

Panel extracted from the summary:

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“The result of that work revealed the benefits of fostering greater community among LGBTQ people and allies. It also reaffirmed the need for LGBTQ people and allies to build bridges with those who may not regard themselves as affirming, or allies of, LGBTQ people.

“By inviting LGBTQ people and allies into this conversation OUTBermuda was given unique insight into the priorities facing Bermuda’s LGBTQ community. It was also able to identify those initiatives that have the broadest support, and which have the ability to both excite and energize.

“OUTBermuda’s next event will be co-hosted with the Bermuda National Library, and is a book signing and discussion with Jamaican born author Nicole Dennis-Benn, writer of Here Comes the Sun. It will take place at 6pm on April 12, 2017. For more information on OUTBermuda visit our website:”

A summary of the feedback from OUTBermuda’s event is below [PDF here]

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Comments (7)

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  1. Mike Hind says:

    Amazing work. Thank you, OutBermuda for working so hard to make things better for everyone!

    • Bermuda will be the new Coral Sea Island of de West !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mike Hind says:

        Are you reduced to just posting nonsensical gibberish now?

        Why not at least TRY to add to the conversation?

  2. Cow Polly says:

    The quotes in the OutBermuda literature made me embarrassed to be Bermudian. Terrible for anyone one on this island to feel this isolated and unloved. What have we become?

  3. Kevin Dallas says:

    This is an excellent summary of what was a really fantastic community event.

    The organisers deserve a great deal of credit for the constructive way they are tackling a set of issues that can be difficult for those impacted to talk about, and difficult for those not impacted to understand – and especially for their efforts to help both groups come together.

    Thanks OUTBermuda!

    (And thanks to the Hamilton Princess for hosting)

    • Mike Hind says:

      Very good point! Big props to the Hamilton Princess for all the support and love they show!

  4. wahoo says:

    “Q”? I looked it up and it can mean questioning or queer there is another variation of LGBT that is both LGBTQQ….do we need the Qs? I mean really LGBT is long enough and explains everything.