“Excitement & Energy” At PLP Women’s Caucus

March 20, 2017

There was “excitement and energy” at the PLP’s first Women’s Caucus meeting this past Saturday, PLP Public Relations Officer Liana Hall said, adding that “we are motivated to have our voices heard to advocate for policy and legislative change.”

Ms. Hall said, “This past Saturday, the Progressive Labour Party launched our Women’s Caucus. With nearly 100 attendees from all walks of life, we are encouraged, yet not surprised, by the number of women who are willing to give their time and energy to invest in our country.

“Despite being underrepresented across society, including parliament and senior executive positions, the issues raised covered many areas.

PLP-Bermuda-TC-march 20 2017

“The structure of the forum was guided and encouraged active participation, with each attendee submitting a card naming their deepest area of concern for Bermuda,” Ms Hall continued.

“The panel, consisting of Senator Tinee Furbert, Kathy Simmons and Zina Edwards, selected a card and that topic was then discussed for 25 min.

“The meeting’s focus narrowed to healthcare, growing economic inequality and the youth in Bermuda. We discussed the lack of work available for the older generation, empowering our children with a sense of identity through Bermudian history and facilitating further education for parents, who are frequently excluded from these opportunities due to childcare limitations.

“The PLP Women’s Caucus will develop a platform that commits to creating favourable policies for women when the PLP takes government.

“Additionally, we discussed creating opportunities for ourselves and exploring existing resources. However, it became clear that there are very limited resources available especially for children as it pertains to education and affordable extracurricular or vacation activities.

“It was important to us and all attendees that this was a safe space to explore issues including mention of sexual assault and domestic violence-induced trauma. With women being so frequently marginalised and excluded from national dialogue, the core purpose of the PLP Women’s Caucus is to ensure the inclusion of women in every facet of our society.

“There was excitement and energy to our first Women’s Caucus. We are motivated to have our voices heard to advocate for policy and legislative change. We also acknowledge the support of Party Leader David Burt and all our members who have encouraged the establishment of the Women’s Caucus.

“We will continue to host open forums that include all women in Bermuda. We are exploring alternative formats for each meeting and look forward to sharing our progress.

“Anyone who would like to stay informed is encouraged to email women@plp.bm to join our mailing list.”

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  1. inna says:

    ““The PLP Women’s Caucus will develop a platform that commits to creating favourable policies for women when the PLP takes government.”

    Just a tad bit optimistic Ms Hall, no??

    • This is good women, now lets see if you can get these brain dead men in your society to get out and vote, and vote STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bermie says:

      Hopefully they have a long.long.long time to develop this platform

  2. Politricks says:

    You just got to love election time.

    Everyone, everywhere just all of a sudden seems to care.

    And this isn’t restricted to this one particular political party.

  3. Revelations says:

    Encouraging but the proof will be in the pudding. The PLP has a very male dominated and even sexist ethos as we saw during the tenures of the great Dame Jennifer, Lady Cox and Renee Webb among others. Internally they have not earnestly upheld women and externally they have a poor record. They have been inactive in advancing/advocating women and silent on women’s issues – like the Bean vs. Daniels drama which I think only Minister Walton and Kim Wilson made any comment on.

  4. Terry says:

    Proppy Ganda.
    Women play a vital role everyday and without them we would not be where we are.

    This is threatre………………………….

  5. Kangoocar says:

    I would be willing to bet my last dollar that the last topic to be discussed at this plp caucus, would be anything to do with the findings of the COI! Now that should be a real concern to everyone should it not? The plp will do what they always do best, they will sweep their dirty laundry under the rug and hope that no one notices!

    • swing voter says:

      I would say the same about the ubpoba. Like how they treated BLK Bermudians so they had to change the party name.

      Sad but true!!!!!!

  6. wahoo says:

    Wish I could have been there but I am male and not plp so never got the invite. Exclusion?

    Seriously though, I think women should rule the world.

  7. aceboy says:

    PR. That is all.