Ministry: Five Bus Cancellations This Morning

March 20, 2017

The Ministry of Transport advised that there are five bus cancellations this morning [March 20], and also noted that “all CedarBridge and Berkeley School buses are running.”

Bus Service Cancellations for this morning:

  • Route # 2 Ord Road to Hamilton 7:55am
  • Route # 4 Spanish Point to Hamilton 7:42am
  • Route # 7 Dockyard to Hamilton 7:50am Express
  • Route # 8 Barnes Corner to Hamilton 8:30am
  • Route # 10 St. George’s to Hamilton 8:00am Express

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Comments (7)

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  1. Yetty says:

    I’m sure once PLP get back in they will fix this and everything else almost immediately. Free housing the healthcare too is what I hear. Free money too.


    • Torian says:

      I can’t wait! I heard they’re gonna dip into our useless pensions and give everyone a pay raise!!!

  2. Sandra C says:

    I personally don’t think either part has what it takes. Thro many years dating back to lord only knows…they (political parties) all have ruled over the island and similar words have been said about who ever was ruling at that time. Here we are 2017 and still no difference! I am not into politricks, so don’t get me twisted here.

    Why don’t Bermuda try something different, such as have NO political party at all. Just a group of both genres and try to make positive decision to run this 21sq. mile island of ONLY an estimated of 65,000 people on island. Why can’t they change the way they have been running this matchbox island….to some I am writing rubbish, but it’s worth a try…obviously the way they are doing it now isn’t working…or hasn’t moved anything forward where there is an mutual agreement across the board. Just expressing my freedom of speech. ..Ohh…Bermuda doesn’t allow that right…”Freedom of Speech” like our neighbors the United States of America.

  3. Stinky D. says:

    PTB would you please put out the cancellations the day before rather then the day of so people went have to stand to the bus stop waiting on a bus that’s not coming

  4. Dave says:

    Why is it always The morning busses? What changes? It’s rather confusing that The busses magically stop working during prime time travel…

  5. Q says:

    Not a good look leading up to AC… will there be cancellations to routes other than those leading to dockyard in May and June?

    • PBanks says:

      Forget about the America’s Cup, this is a critical issue right now, and should be that regardless of that event.

      Reliable public transportation is important. DPT, Government, BIU must get to the table and get these issues resolved right now for the benefit of the Bermuda public and those visiting the island. Check the egos at the door and work on bettering the experience for public transport users.