BTA: East End To See Higher Visitor Numbers

April 12, 2017

Clearwater and Tobacco Bay beaches should see higher numbers of visitors this spring as construction work finishes up at Horseshoe Bay, the Bermuda Tourism Authority said.

Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO Kevin Dallas told east end tourism stakeholders at an annual meeting last night his team will encourage visitors and locals typically bound for Horseshoe Bay to consider Clearwater and Tobacco Bay while the popular Southampton beach is readied for the summer.

“A transportation hub improvement project at Horseshoe Bay closed the beach’s roadway entrance, which means the concessionaire cannot deliver supplies for beach-goers,” the BTA said.

“The beach’s entrance and its concessionaire will reopen on Good Friday for one day, but will close again until crews have given the okay. Horseshoe Bay Beach and its restrooms remain open to beach-goers, but only via Chaplin Bay where taxis and minibuses can drop off passengers and a downhill footpath across the street from Southampton Rangers Club that bus passengers are encouraged to use.

Clearwater Beach Snorkeling Bermuda April 12 2017

“It will be between one and three weeks after Good Friday before access for vehicular traffic is restored. That three-week period includes 12 cruise calls spread across all three of Bermuda’s cruise ports.”

“Our research tells us visitors very much value beach concessions so it’s our responsibility to explain where to find those amenities and how to get there,” said Mr Dallas. “It’s not ideal but it’s a great opportunity for east end businesses and for transportation providers. This week we’ve been reaching out to encourage them to respond to this opportunity.”

“In the east end, Tobacco Bay Beach and Clearwater Beach, for example, offer a full range of concessions and represent two of the five beaches in the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s Beach Economy Vision. Concessionaires at both locations say they will be ready to welcome visitors and local guests,” the BTA added.

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Comments (9)

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  1. Ya serious says:

    Still can’t understand the bathroom situation at Long Bay in Warwick. Can’t it at the least be given proper bathrooms?

  2. Disappointed says:

    Hi,Mr Dillas,I would like to know why you all have forgotten about Warwick long bay.There is a concession stand there Which has been there for Quite some time ,They sell food and also rent Chair’s and umbrella’s.What’s deal on that,no one never Talk’s about sending tourist at that beach, and it is closer to horseshoe than the rest off the beach’s.

  3. puzzled says:

    Sounds good on paper.

    Reality is Horseshoe is closed.

    The East End will enjoy some trade for a time but look out when the Bay opens and the rum flows and the buses and taxi’s drop off.

    Oh to be rick..I mean rich.

    • Tired Bermudian says:

      I agree. Why couldn’t the concession been given to a smaller restaurant. That would have at least shared the benefits of tourism equitably Sure, rick might have a good track record, but is it really necessary for him to own three restaurants? It’s the definition of gluttony. Again, the rich getting richer

  4. Say Whaat? says:

    The BTA should put up portable bathrooms at the other south shore beaches, since tourists will be going elsewhere.

    What’s the status of the bathrooms at Chaplin Bay & Warwick Long Bay? Are they up to par like Horseshoe Bay?

  5. skinnydipper says:

    What i want to know is where is the public bus going to Clearwater beach

  6. Real Onion says:

    Public Transport in the East End is pathetic to say the least!

    Gypsy Cabs line up daily to snatch $10 or whatever they can con out of tourists to take to the beaches and back.

  7. Disappointed says:

    Hi , Mr.Dillas why you never talk about church Bay ,they have scoba diving and they also use to have a Shuttle Bus from dockyard to the beach, What happen to that.

  8. Kindley says:

    June 2016, as tourists, we were excited about concessions / chair rental at Ft. St. Catherine. That did not happen because the vendor was told to move for construction…has construction started?
    We were excited to go to Clearwater Beach and were told chair rental was available and of course Gombey’s for consession. The best fish we had the entire week was at Gombey’s. However, there were only 4 beach lounge chairs so we were short a few chairs. Because it was a week day, the beach had several tourists and not a crowd. However, several young local men were on the bench under the tree behind us smoking pot. I was not at all happy about that.
    Tobacco Bay was fun with no shortage of anything….good for the people in charge.