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April 18, 2017

The Bermuda Football Association [BFA] released the list of nominees for individual awards during the just concluded 2016/17 Premier and First Division Seasons, saying they congratulate and recognize the outstanding season that all the nominees had.

Players and Coaches were nominated by their Clubs with nominations falling under five categories; Most Valuable Player, Best Defensive Player, Best Young Player, Best Goalkeeper and Coach of the Year.

The categories and list of Nominees under each category can be seen below. The finalists for each category, highlighted with an asterisk by their name, were chosen by the Coaches of the opposing teams within their respective Divisions.

In addition to the aforementioned, awards will be given out for The Fair Play Team of the Year and Highest Goal Scorer in each Division.

The Fair Play Team of the Year is the Team in each Division with the least amount of penalty points for the Season. The BFA will also honour the Referee and Young Referee of the Year.

All winners will be announced at the BFA’s Annual Awards Ceremony which will be taking place at 7:00 p.m. this Saturday, April 22nd at the Cedarbridge Academy Cafetorium.

The key note speaker will be Victor Montagliani, President of CONCACAF. Tickets are $30.00 and can be purchased from the BFA Office. For more information on the Annual Awards Ceremony, please call the BFA Office at 295-2199.

Most Valuable Player of the Year:

Premier Division

  • *Ian Coke [Boulevard]
  • Angelo Simmons [Dandy Town/WSSC]
  • Kyle Jones [Devonshire Colts]
  • Jawonday Smith [DRC]
  • Treshun Smith [Flanagans]
  • *Tahj Bell [NVCC]
  • *Naeem Griffith [PHC]
  • Nathan Peskett [Robin Hood]
  • Anwar Telford [SBRC]

First Division

  • *Tyrell Burgess [BAA]
  • Tarek Webb-Caisey [Hamilton Parish]
  • Jahnai Ratteray [Ireland Rangers]
  • Dion Stovell [Paget FC]
  • Fabian Frankson [St. David's]
  • Ezekiel Stoneham [Southampton Rangers]
  • *Donavan Thompson [St. George's]
  • Lamell Paynter [Wolves]
  • *Paul Simons [X-Roads]
  • *Robert Rawlins [YMSC]

Defensive Player of the Year:

Premier Division

  • Keemo Smith [Boulevard]
  • Tre Manders [Dandy Town/WSSC]
  • Kyjuan Wilkinson [Devonshire Colts]
  • Zeko White [DRC]
  • Markez Laws [Flanagans]
  • *Jalen Harvey [NVCC]
  • *Naeem Griffith [PHC]
  • *Darius Cox [Robin Hood]
  • Richard Quinn [SBRC]
  • Tajrae Outerbridge [SCC]

First Division

  • Seth Somner [BAA]
  • Anthony Williams-Smith [Hamilton Parish]
  • Regeno Gomes [Ireland Rangers]
  • *Robert Richardson [Paget FC]
  • Marcus Proctor [St. David's]
  • Jahkai Hill [Southampton Rangers]
  • *Jarreau Hayward [St. George's]
  • Anthony Francis [Wolves]
  • *Jamin Furbert [X-Roads]
  • Che Woolridge [YMSC]

Most Valuable Young Player of the Year:

Premier Division

  • Jerome Bailey [Boulevard]
  • *Tomiko Goater [Dandy Town/WSSC]
  • Eli Smith [Devonshire Colts]
  • *Zari Simmons [DRC]
  • Treshun Smith [Flanagans]
  • *Demetre Daniels [NVCC]
  • Daren Usher [PHC]
  • Zuhri Burgess [Robin Hood]
  • Justin Corday [SCC]

First Division

  • *Jahkari Furbert [BAA]
  • Isaiah Creighton [Hamilton Parish]
  • Jahrico Butterfield [Ireland Rangers]
  • Tahjae Welch [Paget FC]
  • Nasaje Anderson [St. David's]
  • Dominique Hill [Southampton Rangers]
  • *Donavan Thompson [St. George's]
  • *Aaron Spencer [X-Roads]
  • Nique Armstrong [YMSC]

Goalkeeper of the Year:

Premier Division

  • Daniel Adams [Boulevard]
  • Ajai Daniels [Dandy Town/WSSC]
  • Gregory Rose [Devonshire Colts]
  • Xyon Outerbridge-Smith [DRC]
  • Stephen Gould [Flanagans]
  • *Tahj Bell [NVCC]
  • *Stefan Dill [PHC]
  • *Jason Simons [Robin Hood]
  • Lorenzo Lambert [SBRC]

First Division

  • Sarieko Thomas [BAA]
  • Alzedo Minks-Cole [Hamilton Parish]
  • Daschion Chin [Ireland Rangers]
  • Tarik Smith [Paget FC]
  • Jerome Usher [St. David's]
  • Roland Rhodes [Southampton Rangers]
  • *Charles Marshall III [St. George's]
  • Aaron Edness [Wolves]
  • *Dashun Cooper [X-Roads]
  • *Reid Trott [YMSC]

Coach of the Year:

Premier Division

  • Mikre Pace [Boulevard]
  • Kwame Steede [Dandy Town/WSSC]
  • Pele Evans [DRC]
  • Aaron Denkins [Flanagans]
  • *Devar Boyles [NVCC]
  • *Scott Morton [PHC]
  • *Kyle Lightbourne [Robin Hood]
  • Roger Lee [SBRC]

First Division

  • Jeremy Salaam [Ireland Rangers]
  • Robert Lee [Paget FC]
  • Otis Minors [St. David's]
  • Dawud Tucker [Southampton Rangers]
  • *Kyle Tannock [St. George's]
  • Tori Davis [Wolves]
  • *Farid El Karfa [X-Roads]
  • *Quincy Paynter [YMSC]

Fair Play Team of the Year [Finalists]:

Premier Division

  • Pembroke Hamilton Club
  • Robin Hood Football Club
  • Flanagans Onions Football Club

First Division

  • Bermuda Athletic Association
  • X-Roads Warriors FC
  • St. George’s Cricket Club

Highest Goal Scorer [Finalists]:

Premier Division

  • Shayne [NVCC]
  • Angelo Simmons [Dandy Town/WSSC]
  • Ian Coke [Boulevard]

First Division

  • Jahron Dickinson [St. George's]
  • Tyrell Burgess [BAA]
  • Donavan Thompson [St. George's]

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