PLP: ‘Bigotry Has No Place In Bermuda’

April 13, 2017

Following the social media post by businessman Rick Olson, the PLP said “this blatant form of racial bigotry has no place in Bermuda and we call upon the OBA Government to declare exactly where it stands when society is confronted with this bigotry.”

Rick Olson Strongly Criticized For Social Media Post

Mr Olson’s original comment linked to a Wikipedia page titled “Hanged, drawn and quartered” showing a photo of someone being executed, with Mr Olson captioning it: “This might be a deterrent for blocking Parliament?”.

The comment was deleted by the administrator of the group where it was originally posted, however screenshots were reposted on social media, with Mr Olson’s comment being heavily criticized by many people, with some stating they viewed it as racist, while others said they would refrain from patronizing his businesses due to it.

The following day, Mr Olson made another post on social media saying he wants to “sincerely apologize to all Bermudians for the insensitive post.”

“I fully understand the social /political precarious situation and now realize my sarcastic personality is not welcome,” he added. “This situation will not reoccur, lesson learned, and again sorry for my insulting post, it certainly wasn’t intended that way.”

PLP: ’This Blatant Form Of Racial Bigotry Has No Place In Bermuda’

A PLP spokesperson said, “The disclosure on social media by Rick Olson that black Bermudians who protested on December 2nd should be ‘hanged, drawn and quartered’ has appalled thousands of Bermudians.

“This blatant form of racial bigotry has no place in Bermuda and we call upon the OBA Government to declare exactly where it stands when society is confronted with this bigotry.

“Olson, as President of Chops Ltd., has the concession, approved by the OBA Government, to operate at Bermuda’s most popular public beach, Horseshoe Bay.

“This is the type of individual the OBA Government is content to do business with. We are outraged. It is unacceptable and we call on the OBA Government to act rather than remain silent as they have been for years, when confronted with the issue of race.”

Premier ‘Registered His Great Displeasure About The Post’

A spokesperson for the Premier said, “The Government of Bermuda has zero tolerance for any form of racism, bigotry or discrimination.

“The Premier yesterday reached out to the individual concerned, registered his great displeasure about the post and urged him to remove it and apologize publicly.

“It should be noted that any member of the public who has a grievance in this regard is encouraged to file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission for a determination on the matter.

“Part of the Commission’s remit is to use its good office to settle any complaints or grievances arising out “acts of unlawful discrimination” and, where warranted, “institute prosecutions…”

“Discrimination, racism and bigotry have no place in our society.

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  1. neutral says:

    I won’t be going to the beach anymore.

    • The Wouble You says:

      I havent read Ricks post so I wont comment. However, the problem with this press release and many others made by the PLP is that the words are inconsistent with their actions. In the recent years we have seen PLP members along side Furbert, Tweed by a person holding a sign about “white disease”. They pretended they didnt see it but a blind man could.. so we must assume they support it. There are also the regular posts made my their own supporters and members on social media and radio station. Not only are these comments permitted but almost encouraged.

      I dont think their is any place for hatred. However, the PLP must be consistent and “call out their own” if you want the public (the voters) to respect them.

      • thetauntingtenticle says:

        This comment right here, thank you!

    • Justin says:

      I haven’t been to the beach in a while, I think I’ll go there for lunch tomorrow. :-)

    • food and wine says:

      i will and it has nothing to do with the statement

    • If O.B.A. are serious they would take de concession from him, but that wont happen because his Party and followers were against de protest.
      Go figure.

      • SFB says:

        IDIOT your party is as bigoted as is his statement

      • Be Realistic says:

        Take THE concession, not DE concession

        Against THE protest, not DE process

      • Justin says:

        Yeah, because I’m sure there is a clause in his lease that restricts his personal posts on social media. What an amateur you are. And to think you’re a mover and shaker in the PLP… Funny.

      • Zevon says:

        I know under the PLP contracts were awarded and taken away based on the Thought Police. That’s what you lot want isn’t it.

    • Lost Plot says:

      I will beach had nothing to do with it. good food good drink and FRIENDLY staff ( oh yeah Bermudians at that white and black )

    • A Chap called Vanz says:

      Always found the food decent and staff friendly, but RO is a massive bell!

  2. Thinker says:

    Come out! Come out where ever you are- Haters!!!!!

  3. He's full of it says:

    The Premier “urged him to remove it” after it was already removed?

    Dunkley’s consultants in overdrive.

    • Whimsical says:

      The post was shared many, many times before it was removed….

    • sorry sir says:

      Hardly. How the PLP is spinning this an OBA thing is beyond me.

      Either way, never been a fan of Rick.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Hardly a govt matter…you’ll get butthurt everytime on social media…so i guess reality is even worse for you…I don’t think y’all have to worry about white people going around hanging anyone so…accept the fact that he don’t like you and you don’t like him so stay in your lanes and keep it moving yah!!

    • Zevon says:

      The PLP comment was made after it was removed and after he apologized publicly.
      Burt’s consultants in overdrive.
      Oh no, it’s “different” when you lot do the same thing isn’t it.

  4. Justin says:

    Hahahaha!! What a bunch of hypocrites the PLP are. Rick Olsen has condemned people for breaking the law but somehow this is being spun against him. PLP – master at spin but no solutions. Truth.

    • Sigh says:

      Remember the “Kill whites kill Fahy” graffiti….is this really worse than that? Cmon.

      • HA! says:

        Only racist when a “person of privilege” does it

      • Release says:

        Was the person identified????

        • PBanks says:

          Indeed. If that guy is apprehended, he’s more than worthy of public shame and scorn (and a prison sentence).

    • Whimsical says:

      Don’t lay the blame at the feet of the PLP….I guess you missed the part where THE PREMEIRE had issue with the post as well….

    • Eye Open says:

      If you and all that liked this comment see no racism in this jesture, my what have we come to! SMH

    • Its me again says:

      Have you seen the end of brave heart? Where William Wallace is hung drawn an quartered? Imagine instead of the deserving Mel Gibson it was your granny.

      Thats what he’s asking for.

      Your grandmother to be hung for a period of time to almost bring about death then to have her intestines removed whilst still alive. The executioner makes the condemned watch their own intestines be burned then they cut the person, still alive, into four pieces. After death the head is filled with iron to stop decomposition and placed on top London Bridge.

      This is utter foolishness to suggest that this punishment be used as a deterrent.

      Then his orginal reply was “it’s not my problem if you dont like my sense of humor”


    • Forgiven says:

      With racist and bigotry running rampant in the world . How is it justified and ok Justin to even have the gall to even post a picture, insult the people, and expect them not to react.. You must be one as well because you just showed where your loyalties are by laughing at someone who has the people’s interest at heart.Calling the opposition hypocrites because they stand up for injustices against the people (Bermudians) speaks volumes about who you are and who you support. Sounds like you need to check, recheck and check again make sure your windows aren’t broken, you shouldn’t throw stones if your house is made of glass…

    • marcusbmco says:

      By using the authoritarian Broke the Law, then drug through then “no possibility of Justice” “Lawyers take all” system of ours, for a law akin to illegally crossing the street, you miss the point that we all do it.
      That’s the purpose of protests… en mass. “Us”.
      We’ll soon see where the “court” stands.

    • So you agree that EVERYONE that protested should be hanged and then cut up in four pieces?
      And you think its F!@#ing funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Positive Pessimist says:

      Since when is it o.k. to hang, draw and quarter people? That is illegal and no longer carried out by governments (in the West, anyway). As the protesters were black, his post suggested lynchings, which is a sensitive subject. No matter what the protesters did, they don’t deserve death. There’s no spin here at all and the government needs to send a serious message to Mr. Olsen by removing that concession. I’m black but believe it or not, I actually feel a little sorry for the guy because I’m sure he really didn’t mean it and now there’s all this fall-out but it’s a lesson learned that some things you just don’t joke about.

      • So when do we get to the point when someone does something on their own free will and mean it.

  5. Wonder says:

    Am I missing something? How did race get brought into this?

    • Truth Teller says:

      Yes you are missing a lot. Slow one.

      • Paul Revere says:

        Take your head out of the clouds, then you won’t have to wonder anymore.

      • wahoo says:

        How does one persons bad judgement warrant a statement from the PLP describing “blatant racism”? I think that the PLP are trying to cause friction here where none is warranted.

        You need to explain what we are missing.

      • gfof says:

        no you are, but as usual on this island race and the race card are always played when convenient especially and purposely by the plp
        note I don’t condone what Mr Olson said but have heard just as bad comments from numerous sources

    • Marco says:

      Probably by Rick with too much red meat and booze. Not that that should be any sort of excuse.

    • VJ says:

      So they want to bring lynching back? Amazing how so many people’s true colors are surfacing all of a sudden. Very disgusted with this, I won’t spend a dime in that establishment ever again.

      • FUI says:

        1. you probably never been there anyway but i have yet to read anywhere anyone wanting to bring lynching back fool

      • bdaboy says:

        “. Very disgusted with this, I won’t spend a dime in that establishment ever again.”

        But, you’ll still support BIU/PLP business

    • Forgiven says:

      Duuhhh… When you look at true history, I mean the truth in history, who were the ones that where ,whipped, tortured, lynched, etc,etc, (still happening today and nothing is being done about it) (Dec. 2nd)
      What race?? What color?? What ethnicity ??? ( certainly wasn’t Europeans ) (they get wine and cheese)
      Read a book, visit a website,

    • Because it was 99.999% Black people protesting. Ya boy got caught out and ya trying to defend him.
      Sad thing is he’s not de only one that feels and thinks like that, he just got sloppy and exposed himself, while de others are smart and conceal it.

    • Its me again says:

      What color skin were the protesters?

    • sorry sir says:

      Tone deaf…

    • Youngobserver says:

      I’m apparently missing something as well. But it might be interpreted as race because the protestors were mostly black if not all and he referenced punishment from extremely atrocious times. I don’t think that was his intention though. I believe he meant to insult them for their decisions and not for the color of their skin but hey. Everything is chalked up to race, it’s the divisive rhetoric that is common now. While there are many things that stem from racial bias, there are also many things that don’t. It’s tiring reading this us vs. Them language. It should really be about we.

    • FoolsDie4LackOfWisdom says:

      Yes Stevie, ask the person who read you this story to read the previous 2!!!!

  6. Truth Teller says:

    People are just taking notice that he’s an idiot? He posts vile comments online all the time and worse yet he’s not even Bermudian. Why is he here?

    • HA! says:

      Spouse of a Bermudian. 4 Bermudian Sons.

      • Ha!ha!! says:

        Still does not make him Bermudian…..I know you all rhink so.

    • bdaboy says:

      “He posts vile comments online all the time and worse yet he’s not even Bermudian. Why is he here?”

      You talking about Tweed?

  7. Ego vs Love says:

    Mr Olsen has disrespected my husband, my children & my family who have already suffered enough racial persecution. As for me & my immediate family we have chosen not to support someone either this blatant lack of disregard. A joke it was? Who has the last laugh? I truly hope he has in his heart learned his lesson, but then by reading his 3 apologies (even the last had words in it that concerned me), I just don’t know. Specifically finding the right cartoon clip to post with that disgust was nothing less than appalling. This country continues to grow from this, learn from this & as generations move on, it will get better & humans will become more sensitive & compassionate.

  8. Zevon says:

    The PLP suddenly pretending to be against bigotry. That’s rich coming from them.

  9. Politricks says:

    What an idiot.

    But where was the PLP’s outrage at the graffiti calling for the murders of certain people?

  10. wondering says:

    So are we discounting the white people who protested as well?

  11. Navin Johnson says:

    the comments and drawing were abhorrent and have no place in Bermuda…it goes down to the ignorance of Mr Olson and the political climate in Bermuda where people are frustrated with the back and forth attempts at political gain….personally I feel the protests are now overdone and lose effectiveness when they occur so frequently..over an Airport?

  12. Comfortably numb says:

    And yet the PLP are comfortable with that Radio on the airwaves every day? Hypocrisy defined!

  13. Family Man says:

    Where does LaVerne Furbert and the PLP stand on the “irritate genie’ aka Ayo Kimathi.

    Maybe I’m just a Confused … oh, never mind.
    The hypocrisy of the plp is unbelievable.

  14. Hmm says:

    As it gets warmer those dreaded ants become more of a problem every year. Baygon, Raid, nothing seems to work. With no solutions in sight, I wonder if that will be blamed in the OBA too!??

    Can you stop being so petty and wasting this governments time with private citizens behavior.

  15. Codfish says:

    Rick Olsen’s post was appalling, but I’m confused to know what it has to do with the OBA? or the PLP for that matter? It was an individual who in spectacularly poor taste said something via social media. Horrible, yes. Wrong , yes. Up to each individual how they choose to respond, yes. Political comment – no.

  16. SpinCycle says:

    Being Hung, Drawn & Quartered has NOTHING to do with race. “To be hanged, drawn and quartered was from 1351 a statutory penalty in England for men convicted of high treason.” The punishment was predominantly in practice before the slave trade even started. Those so quick to jump at false arguments that looks to support their cause actually only undermine the real facts that do support their stance. If haters put half the energy into positivity as negativity their own lives might be better! This article is more of a blatant racist attack than what Olson wrote! This proves how desperate a small number (173) of haters on this island are to find something to fight about!

  17. Toodle-oo says:

    Oh good ! While we’re at it can we have a word for word breakdown on the *exact* meaning of

    ‘We don’t care what you think’

  18. Kim Smith says:

    Mr. Olson’s perspective and action stinks and should absolutely be condemned! Politicising it is, perhaps, equally egregious.

    • Kim Smith says:

      I take that back, not equally egregious but, nonetheless, wrong.

  19. James Herald says:

    A successful boycott of these businesses will likely hurt the 100% Bermudians that Rick employs. Very sad situation.

    • No Laughing Matter says:

      Exactly. What the man said and did is terrible. Nevertheless, do we really want to put more Bermudians out of work by boycotting their place of employement? I think not.

    • Dave says:

      Rick doesn’t have 100% Bermudian staff lolol. Trust me!!!!

  20. Honestly says:

    You have to be blind to dismiss the fact that race was the reason why he posted in the first place. Sick of people having a blind eye to what is really happening in Bermuda! Those professional bloggers need to take a seat because you just won’t understand what blacks have been through by the selfish, self centerterd OBA! They put money in foreign entities but continue to fail putting Bermuda and Bermudians first. Those people at the Dec 2 rally strongly understood what the govt was doing and opposed it. The government should’ve listened before acting. Sick of their unjust decisions with finiance that doesn’t concern them alone!!

  21. Triangle Drifter says:

    The Alaska Hall clickers are busy on this one.

    • aceboy says:

      Of course they are….like in 2007 and then 2012, the two campaigns were completely driven by race politics by the PLP. Remember one saying if the OBA were elected all black people would be in chains again? It did not work in 2012, hopefully not in 2017 either. Bermudians are smarter than this I hope. The PLP will try anything to turn this into a black vs white election.

  22. Guy Fawkes says:

    I couldnt agree more that this kind of racial bigotry has no place in Bermuda. So when will the PLP declare their stance on the comments by MP Jamahl Simmons?

  23. Maddog says:

    Rick Olson needs to be removed from Horsebeach Beach..Very bad for Bermuda and the tourists that would come to the beach..The tourist authority need to step in an remove him….very bad for the American cup!!!!!!!!

  24. Mumbojumbo says:

    tell it like it is…not how you see it.

  25. Long bay trading says:

    PLP – the worst of everyone for divisions hate and bigotry . And let’s not forget radio. Bunch of two faced pretenders.

  26. scoalsy says:

    You should be the last ones to talk

  27. Fur says:

    All 52cards in the plp and the unions deck are race cards. That’s the only game they play. Sorrya$$ excuses for bermudians.

  28. Vamos says:

    A good excuse for me not to go to Red anymore for $18 cocktails! Rick is a silly man!

  29. Up D hill says:

    Every time the Plp say “the people” what are they saying? Nuff said!

  30. swing voter says:

    I’ve seen, read, heard idiot comments from all quarters of life, race, society in my 50+ years. Some thoughts are better left unsaid and Im sure he’s reflecting on his attempt at humor on social media. A senior with a sign suggesting all white people are mental has nothing to loose. A businessman suggesting black people should be crucified has everything to loose. Both the senior and the businessman were wrong to publicly share their racist thoughts. I only wish some of our politicians will learn from this

    • I guess you flunked History class, no wonder you’re a swing voter.
      A double minded man is unstable in ALL his ways.

  31. Rocky5 says:

    What a piece of you-know what… Strongly suggest Mr. Olson undertake serious diversity training immediately, do 1,000 hours of community service and afterwards consider making a real heart-felt apology and making a substantial donation to a really worthy local registered charity…..

  32. Bermyman says:

    But the irritated Genie making hate speeches is fine!?-

    Again it is double standards, to the PLP it is OK for some to break the law-they are entitled to it. For the PLP it seems to be OK for some to make hate speeches and preach hatred against white people, but when someone makes reference in jest to a medieval cartoon this is somehow an attack on black people!? Not all black people in Bermuda agree with the protesters and their actions outside of parliament, so why does the PLP lump all black Bermudians in the same boat by assuming everyone has the same opinion!?

  33. Happy Good Friday everyone says:

    Too much hate in this little country.

  34. N/A says:

    Rick Olsen just got caught showing his true colors. I personally would boycott him, and would suggest others who disagree with what he thought was “funny” in his post, to boycott him as well. But do people honestly think he is a one off white business owner who thinks like that?? We patronize establishments where the owners think and speak far more racist than Rick Olsen everyday privately. This should be a catalyst in the community to start supporting our own local black businesses first and stop giving our hard earned money to people who have historically never liked us, treated us fairly or respected us.

  35. Lost Plot says:

    bigotry english oxford dictionary.( Pardon I can’t cut copy paste.)
    intolerance towards those who hold different OPINIONS from ONESELF
    well we all know what opinions are like, and to some degree intolerance.
    i beg the PLP to review their opinions and intolerance as by definition, a tool often used by them in political circles
    Perhaps it is time to be classed by color of blood rather than skin tone
    this island is more racially divided now than at any time i can remember in my 60 plus years

  36. King Jammys says:

    No bigots in the PLP?

  37. truth says:

    there is nothing racist about this. poor taste, but not racist.

  38. puzzled says:

    A bit late on this one.
    This guy Olson; did he put up the display of what I saw elsewhere or did he just make a statement.


  39. sorry sir says:

    Bigotry should not be tolerated. But thats never stopped the PLP.

  40. Truth (Original) says:


    The post was out of order, insensitive etc etc.

    If you’re that offended by it. Don’t support his businesses. Simple.

    Must this be a national issue? Must this be used by the PLP to get some kind of silly statement out of the OBA?

    Our politics bore me to tears.

    Where was the national outrage within the PLP when Marc Bean made those outrageous comments torwards Senator Daniels?

    Where was the revolt from the women within the PLP? We got nothing.
    Where was the revolt from the men within the party to hold him accountable? No public correction. No moral courage. No MEN !

    The truth is that the PLP pick and choose their issues depending on the political climate. There are plenty of other issues that they should have taken issue with within their own party but it’s not convenient or politically expedient to do so, so you get silence on matters that are of much more significant national importance than an ignorant post on FB.

    If history is any indicator, this short term rage will fizzle out quickly and the same cast of characters will be back supporting his businesses.

    Cast you mind back to one of the several BIU/Labour strikes, accompanied by a march on parliament.

    The beach was offering a “solidarity special” of steak and fish and SEVERAL of the strikers were there eating, drinking and being merry during the strike !

    What a joke.

  41. GTA says:

    Ironic the PLP publicly come out and release a statement that they are against racial bigotry in this case, but remain silent with regards to Mr. Ayo Kimathi, just adding to the racial polarization we see in Bermuda. Unfortunately racial bigotry is alive and well here in Bermuda, on both sides of the fence, hate is hate no matter your skin tone. However I think we must try to learn that people can joke, people can disagree, people can offend, people can hate, and its just the person themselves who are in disagreement, who are offended and are hated because of who they are and how they act, not solely because of their race.
    Sometimes the problem is you, and sometimes you need to identify yourself not just by your race, but by your actions, by your beliefs, and by your understanding of situations. Yes you are allowed to be offend and allowed to express your opinion, but that doesn’t always make it a fact or a truth, and certainly doesn’t always lead to the conclusion that it must be racial. Perhaps Mr. Olson’s post did offend and was in poor taste, however it didn’t explicitly state black people should be hung, drawn, and quarter, and whilst the December 2nd protesters who blocked parliament where predominantly black, I don’t think you can simply jump to the conclusion that Mr. Olson must then somehow hate black people and that he only believes white people are somehow superior to them, which I believe racism ultimately is. Now I am not defending Mr. Olson, and I believe he is somewhat deserving of the backlash he received, because I think we can all agree that insinuating torture and death for people who commit a relatively minor crime is irrational and insensitive, but sometimes it is just that and should be taken with a grain of salt.

  42. mm says:

    I don,t know if it was a racial remark, but I do believe this particular remark was unnecessary, in fact inflammatory..and as such he needs to answer to the powers that be . Asking for the post to be removed and the issuance of an apology is not enough.

  43. Yahoo says:

    PLP, the party against gay marriage, calling anyone a bigot is rich.

    • sage says:

      When did the OBA start supporting SSM?

      • Zevon says:

        It was the PLP who said landlords should be able to discriminate against gay tenants.
        We all know who the bigots are.

        • sage says:

          And the OBA said marriage is between man and woman so they offered civil unions.

  44. GeeHe says:

    On a regular basis there are slips being made. Get your recording devices ready. You will have proof. Rick slipped up .He is not the only one.

  45. Something this serious raises a even more greater issue for me, The Premier speaks via a spokesperson, This is unacceptable, Mr. Dunkley we the people demand that you come out publicly and your Minister Social affairs and development, that we hear from you directly.

    Mr. Olson spoke what he did and posted what he did, and what he did was wrong, but he did not hide behind a pen name, or have anyone speak on his behalf such as you have, so you are a bigger coward, that you can address everything at this present climate that concerns the rich and the elite, but those of us in main stream you do not have the time for.

  46. Alvin Williams says:

    It’s funny no one would dare down play or make fund of the Jewish holocaust because they would soon face outrage and widespread criticism especially political leadership.
    If you had a understanding of this world’s racial history and how it impacted on Black people you would not be surprise at the reaction to Rick Olson facebook post.
    Black people are told they must move on while the Jewish people will never let the world forget. Every now and than we are reminded how deep racism is and something like this opens it up again.
    And than also we are reminded how insensitive the apologists for this type of thing are as many have tried to defend the indefensible; a commentary in its’self

    • uiq says:

      “… No one would dare down play or make fun of the Jewish holocaust…”

      Yeah *that’s* a watertight argument.

  47. James says:

    All races were at Horseshoe today.
    Everyone had a great time.

    • I heart 441 says:

      Horseshoe on Good Friday has historically been the location to go by majority tourist and expats and by expats I mean the Filipino,African,U.K. nationals. So yes it was a diverse crowd but definitely was not a Bermudian majority.

    • Police Officer on patrol says:

      Mr. James stop ya madness on here everyone at that location was a tourist or contract worker.

      Obviously you didn’t go to St David’s Cricket Club. Davids, Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club, Shelly Bay Field or the biggest people party at Phc Football Field.

    • So Tired says:

      I saw that. That’s why all this ruckus is pointless

    • cpm says:

      You are at beaches checking on the racial mix

  48. No laughing matter says:

    Boycott his establishments and after that… what???? Are YOU going to pay the mortgages, car loans and other monthly obligations of his BERMUDIAN employees after they’re out of a job because of your boycott? Are YOU going to give them new jobs? Everyone is so quick to cry boycott. That’s easy to say when it does not affect your livelihood.
    Ya, thank you for wanting to put more Bermudians out of work with your stupid boycott.

  49. JohnBoy says:

    The only positive —- people have learned that when referring to people the correct word is “hanged”.

  50. Lemon Tarts says:

    Thank you Sage! Cause the OBA is just as guilty on that one. Inaction is just as bad as the action of the PLP

  51. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    Where are the “healers” in Bermuda? The leaders who want to bring the community together? Those who have a vision for the future that is grounded in cooperation and mutual understanding, but also based on economic competence and experience. Bermuda requires a Statesman in place of mere Politicians. The closest we’ve ever come is Sir John Swan. Times have changed. Premier Dunkley is a fine man putting his heart and soul into the island. The cynical politics of divide and conquer are the cause of so many missed opportunities and real economic hardship for some. Healers, please.

  52. Carlos says:


  53. cpm says:

    If you are looking at the HRC to look at comments then look no further than the regular callers on the afternoon show