Ticket Barrier System For Par-La-Ville Car Park

April 26, 2017

The City of Hamilton is advising that Par-La-Ville Car Park will be closed to all traffic from 6.00am May 1st until 6.00am on May 4th, and periodically from time to time until May 19th for the installation of the new Ticket Barrier System.

A spokesperson said, “The City of Hamilton wishes to advise all businesses, drivers and pedestrians that PLV Car Park will be closed to all traffic from 6:00am Monday, 1st May until 6:00am on Thursday, 4th May and periodically from time to time until Friday, 19th May for the installation of the new Ticket Barrier System.

“During this period, please exercise caution when coming in the car park. Barricades and signage will be posted to direct the traffic accordingly.

“The City wishes to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Further information will be disseminated next week regarding the Barrier system in both PLV and No. 1 car parks.

“Any questions regarding the above may be directed to Ian Hind, Senior Engineer on 279-5250 or email ihind@cityhall.bm.”

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Comments (15)

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  1. Dude says:

    How many Pesos an hour?

  2. Clarity says:

    Any chance it will get paved? Great news otherwise

    • PBanks says:

      This. While that car park is closed they ought to resurface the lot and driveway.

    • Hmmm says:

      Agreed… the CoH spent Millions on the City Hall carpark and are not realizing the returns they expected. The chances of getting Par-La-Ville repaved (and bays that actually fit cars) is slim to none.. (and what about all those bike bays)

      CoH have been reducing street parking for years, now they want to stop it on Reid Street as well… all about forcing people to part in expensive lots!!

  3. VJ says:

    I hope this isn’t a mess like the one at City Hall.

  4. Point boy says:

    Making it harder and harder for our seniors and many more who don’t have a credit or debit card in their wallet-purse.

    I understand you want to be paid. That’s how it works.

    But the city is full and busy (once again)! (Yea)!! Why would you block up Reid Street with these ridiculous picnic set-up.

    Don’t get me started on the new bike parking just before the (Birdcage)! If there is two vehicles waiting to turn right, it blocks the lane behind from moving forward.

    • Hopeful says:

      Will there be a new entrance/exit? What about service vehicle that have to service the area, also cycles in and out. I agree with the comment refering to the cycle parking on Front St by the bird cage; not too much thought or consideration for traffic flow put into that issue

    • Hope says:

      You can pay in cash

    • Hmmm says:

      The new bike parking is ridiculous (and dangerous. There was no reason to move it to allow for the AC “popup shop”

  5. Need Peace says:

    Wait until the new minicar bays come

  6. Oh,I see now says:

    The new look Reid Street is to encourage even more people to use the PLV Car Park this revamp isn’t a coincidence…….or maybe it is :)

    • Hope says:

      I don’t think there are any spare spaces at PLV car park for more people, but those who do park there will now be forced to actually pay their way

  7. sick and tired says:

    So you take away parking on the streets with these larger than life sidewalks, now no parking on Reid St, and if I am correct, you are closing #1 shed parking also on May 1st. And people wonder why we don’t want to go into town.

  8. sue says:

    Let’s hope we can use EasyPark Mobile. It is so easy at City Hall.

    But seriously if the legislation was passed where the city can ticket or clamp vehicles tax payers money wouldn’t have to be spent on installing gates and spent on more useful things in the city.