Weeks: Outerbridge Silent On ‘Crucial Issues’

April 20, 2017 | 16 Comments

“It is unfortunate that the OBA representative for Constituency 2, whose silence on the crucial issues of Bermudian jobs and opportunities has been deafening, would choose to speak now only to attack an initiative intended to benefit our youth,” Shadow Minister of Community, Youth & Sports Development Michael Weeks said.

PLP Suggest Lottery For Sports Funding, Minister Says ‘Idea Is Misguided’

Mr Weeks recently said, “The PLP believes that athletics can unlock the doors to many opportunities and our message to our athletes is to keep striving. To encourage young athletes along the way, the next PLP government will implement our Vision 2025 plan to create a local lottery to benefit sports development on the island.

“This lottery dedicated to sports funding will be implemented within the first two years of a Progressive Labour Party government term to provide greater opportunities for advancement for both current and potential competitors.“

In response, Minister Outerbridge said, “Of concern is the Opposition’s suggestion that a lottery be established to support our athletes. This idea is misguided for several reasons.

“The idea of a national lottery has been explored by the Government and the cons far outweigh the pros. A lottery is widely accepted as a tax on the poor in that people less able to afford tickets will buy them in the false hope that they will win against incredible odds.

“In addition, with a population as small as Bermuda’s, the costs of establishing, regulating and running a lottery would leave a limited pool to be paid out in winnings. Any money dedicated to funding sports teams would be very limited.

“The Opposition’s statement is nothing more than political posturing – putting forward a carelessly conceived idea that will have a negative impact on the Bermudians who can least afford it.

“Through the recent Cash Back for Communities programme, the OBA Government took the proceeds from crime and directed those funds towards empowering our athletes, enabling them to compete against the best in the Caribbean. By working to improve government finances and eliminate the deficit, we will be in a better position to assist our athletes in the near future.”

Michael Weeks Comments

Mr Weeks said, “It is unfortunate that the OBA representative for Constituency 2, whose silence on the crucial issues of Bermudian jobs and opportunities has been deafening, would choose to speak now only to attack an initiative intended to benefit our youth.

“Criticising a proposal designed to support those athletes who serve our country on the international stage is more of a priority for MP Outerbridge than ensuring Bermudians come first in their country.

“Where was MP Outerbridge when the OBA tried to shut down the Lamb-Foggo Urgent Care Centre?

“Where was MP Outerbridge when the OBA wanted to deprive our Bermudian children chances of summer employment opportunities, by trying to give expats’ children the right to work the same jobs?

“Where was MP Outerbridge when it became clear that the only jobs being grown in our economy are for non-Bermudians?

“Silent, hiding, doing nothing and saying nothing.

“Bermuda needs leadership that stands for Bermudians, that doesn’t view our youth as props for photo-ops and that brings forward ideas that can give hope to Bermudians.

“The PLP’s position is that we must develop innovative ways to help our youth reach their potential and help them understand that every Bermudian who has a gift should be supported and have an opportunity to succeed.

“Our lottery idea is not a panacea but is an innovative way for our people to invest in one of our most critical resources: our youth.”

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  1. asampson says:

    Some deafening silence from Weeks would be great………

    • Moojun says:

      If Mr. Weeks could provide the simple math behind how his Lottery would work on an island of 20,000 eligible “players” [please note that number is simply a best guess, allowing for the removal of minors, the medically unable, the indifferent/uninterested and those who morally oppose gambling in all it's forms, and I'm assuming the Church groups here], then that would go a long way to establishing some credibility to his proposal.

      If it is financially viable based on the above analysis, then I’m sure all right minded Bermudian’s would support his idea.

      In case he needs the formula to show the financial viability, here it is:

      + Revenue generated by ticket sales – winnings paid out – costs to regulate = residual funds to benefit local athletes.

      Let’s see the numbers please, Mr. Weeks, otherwise, you know, you just sound like another politician trying to keep his well paid job by saying things that sound great.

      By the way, my math indicates that if 20,000 people all buy a ticket each week at $2, and the weekly winning payout is set at $20,000 then after paying one full time person in Government $100,000 per annum to regulate the scheme and paying a %5 commission to the ticket vendors (bars, social clubs, supermarkets, etc), there would be $16,000 per week available to donate to an athletic club or persons.

      That’s $836,000 a year of athletic funding generated. All well and good. I just hope we can keep the interest level at 20,000 people each week and the Govt regulation costs to $100,000 per annum.

  2. Ringmaster says:

    If you want to invest in the youth then send your gift direct to the athletic association. A lottery is an idiotic idea for a place the size of Bermuda, and only expands the gambling net, and misery, further. Wonder why casinos are so opulent? Gamblers pay for them. There are very few winners, most lose.

    • Couldve used de America’s Cup money to invest in our YOUTH.

      • Wahoo says:

        If you woke up you would know that AC is benefitting the youth.

        • Ringmaster says:

          Too much to expect Onion Juice to do any research. Many young sailors are competing in the world, and many more will in the future thanks to the AC. By the way, in November 2011 then PLP Minister Glenn Blakeney announced he was committed to making sailing a national sport. So the PLP is pro sailing, and therefore should be supporting the AC..

    • PBanks says:

      Bermuda wouldn’t be the first small country to institute a national lottery, so perhaps it’s not as idiotic an idea as you imply.

  3. Jorge says:

    I swear the PLP must roll the dice to see who will comment next everytime the UBP/OBA make a statement.. this comment as well as the one about the bus fire has caused the PLP to officially lose my vote. They are just too juvenile. We need the old PLP or an entire new party!

  4. aceboy says:

    Surely people can see through this nonsense. A lottery is not a money maker for the athletes . It is simply a donation made by those desperate to earn more money without having to work for it.

    Vision 2025 is a total joke. It is a bunch of ideas hastily put together in a shiny powerpoint presentation.

  5. Lol says:

    Tbh he is right. This govt is screwing over our children big time…i dont care who fixes it but we need to pay attention as a people to our children more because we are failing them…

  6. Rocky5 says:

    One must be concerned, given the PLP’s poor record of handling money, what would “really happen” to the money from a PLP sports lottery. It is really just another opportunity for more issues and “friends & family plans” again. Also it must be noted that it is well known that most of the people who buy lottery tickets are lower income so it hurts those who can least afford

  7. watching says:

    Minister Outerbridge has only begun to speak out because she knows her seat is in trouble and she is trying to salvage something out of it.

  8. Sorry Sir says:

    PLP have had Nandi as one of their top targets since the day she started because she is young…

    They think her an easy target. Don’t let-up, Nandi.

  9. Joe Bloggs says:

    It is also unfortunate that the former government reneged on its promise of $20 million for cricket, leaving teams and clubs with obligations they could not meet when the promised funding never came.

  10. Continue on ,Michael. You are doing a fantastic job.

    • Batfink & Karate says:

      Compared to who exactly? What has he done or accomplished? He is a nice guy with potential but to say he is doing a fantastic job. HUH!

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