CoH: New Systems In Hamilton Car Parks

May 10, 2017

The City of Hamilton is advising the public that No.1 Car Park on Front Street will be closed from Thursday, May 11th through Monday, May 15th to allow for work on the barrier payment system at the entrance and exit.

“A technician from the manufacturer will be on island to ensure that the system is working properly and to also install new touchscreens at the pay stations in City Hall. This is designed to be a more intuitive and user-friendly process than the current buttons and will feature in all three car parks once all three are live,” the City said.

“Additionally, a new ‘one-ticket’ system will also be implemented in the newest barrier lots [No.1 and PLV] and City Hall will be upgraded to the same.

“Once complete, there will be banners across the various signs, on the entry and exit machines as well as on the pay stations themselves that will alert motorists that the “New One-Ticket System” is in operation. Motorists must keep their entry ticket as they will use it to pay and exit the lots.

“The City expects No.1 car park to be ready with the new touchscreen/one-ticket system by Friday 19th or Saturday 20th May.

“Work on the barrier system at PLV Car Park is currently underway and the City expects it to be live by Tuesday 23rd May. More information about PLV will be forthcoming.

“At each new location [No.1 and PLV], the EasyPark Mobile app will be in effect. The City is working on installing additional equipment at all three locations that will allow for configuration of the EasyPark device [the yellow device] for use at all three car parks. More information about the use of the EasyPark yellow device will be made available after some initial testing.

“Any questions regarding the above may be directed to Ian Hind, Senior Engineer on 279-5250 or email”

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  1. Hummmm says:

    I work outside of town, now I can find parking on my lunch break without any scratch or dents sweet job CoH

  2. sick and tired says:

    So tell me why it makes any sense to have 2 car parks closed at the same time. Common sense is lacking. You have stripped us of parking spaces all over town.

  3. legalgal says:

    A shame about the ugly, cheap fencing along what was a nice harbor front and the loss of so many barrier spaces. Why? Why? Why?

    When will the fencing be removed?