DNDC Observes National Drug Prevention Week

May 16, 2017 | 1 Comment

The Ministry of National Security advised that the Department for National Drug Control [DNDC] is currently observing National Prevention Week, from May 14th – May 19th.

The observance is in keeping with the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration [SAMHSA] recognition of the occasion.

This year’s National Prevention Week 2017 theme is “Making Each Day Count,” and highlights the important role that individuals and communities have in helping people lead healthy, productive lives.

In an effort to continue fostering partnerships in Bermuda’s community, the DNDC’s Drug Prevention Unit will be visiting Primary level 1 students this week in the Western School Zone to share information on the negative effects of drugs and alcohol.

The Director of the DNDC, Joanne Dean said, “The DNDC recognizes that young children must learn as early as possible to be resilient and make drug free choices and will be assisting educators in laying the foundation for healthy and successful students.

“In that regard, our students will be informed that drugs are mind-altering substances that affect the brain and impairs judgment, motivation, decision-making and their well-being.

“The DNDC also views Prevention Week 2017 as an important opportunity to focus on areas in drug prevention that need support and improvement. Research has proven that prevention works and evidence based programmes have a high success rate in terms of reducing the onset of addiction and associated behaviors.

“The DNDC will seek to expand on evidenced based prevention programming as part of school curriculums and recreational programmes that serve youth. Everyone has a role in creating a healthier community.

“As the DNDC joins the many organizations that support SAMHSA’s National Prevention Week 2017, we would like to thank our Drug Prevention Partners, PRIDE [Bermuda] and CADA who have been committed to drug prevention efforts for the betterment of our local community.”

For further information about Prevention Week activities, contact, Shavana Wilson, Prevention Officer, Department for National Drug Control at 292-3049.

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