Dr. Ewart Brown: ‘Step To Cripple Our Clinics’

May 29, 2017

[Updated] “After years of misdirected efforts to close down Bermuda Healthcare Services and Brown-Darrell‎ Clinic, the OBA government has finally come up with a step to cripple our clinics,” Dr. Ewart Brown said today.

“In an email dated May 16, 2017, the Bermuda Health Council informed BHCS and Brown-Darrell that, effective June 1, 2017, payments for MRI and CT scans will be reduced‎ by as much as 78%.

“Meanwhile, we see increases to all other diagnostic imaging services in Bermuda,” Dr Brown added.

“It is of note and importance that, outside of KEMH, only BHCS and BD offer CTs and MRIs, and that the Government has a myriad number of ways in which they can make up the difference to KEMH. Only BHCS and BD are isolated in receiving such severe cuts with no possible way the difference can be absorbed.

“Neither of our clinics received advance notice or consultation, although the BHeC has claimed that their being in a meeting with two members of our management team talking about general cuts was ‘consultation’.

“Of course there are very few businesses in Bermuda or elsewhere which could withstand such a sudden and drastic reduction in revenue.

“There are few people, including the BHeC executives who are championing these cuts, who could take a reduction in salary by up to 87% with just 2 weeks notice. It is uncivil and inhumane. It is treatment undeserved by our clinics, our staff and our patients.

“Of course we will continue to fight this most recent attack on our very existence.

“We have served the people of Bermuda for 25 years and we will not stop now!”

We asked both BHeC and the Health Ministry for responses and will update as able.

Update 6.28pm: In response, the Ministry of Health and Seniors said, “The Ministry of Health and Seniors supports the Bermuda Health Council’s move towards greater use of the relative-value-based methodology to set fees locally.

“This is a transparent, internationally recognized methodology that allows for a Bermuda cost-of-living factor, and enables more rational, consistent fee setting. Use of a transparent fee-setting method helps contain health spending and reduces premiums, which will decrease costs for the benefit of patients.”

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