PLP Calls On Govt To ‘Take Action’ To Keep Jobs

May 15, 2017

walton brown plp bermuda“In light of the news that Butterfield Bank is considering moving jobs from Bermuda to Halifax, the PLP calls on the minority OBA government to take action to keep Bermudian jobs here in Bermuda,” PLP spokesperson for Home Affairs Walton Brown said.

Mr Brown said, “The job of the Bermuda government is to stand strong for Bermudian workers and create Bermudian jobs. When the government learns that Bermudian jobs are under threat, they should do everything they can to protect these jobs.

“Under the minority OBA government, our economy has lost nearly 2,000 existing jobs – after they broke their promise to create 2,000 new jobs. Now, they have an opportunity to save some. We implore the OBA government to work with Butterfield Bank to save Bermudian jobs.

“The PLP’s Vision 2025 includes a realistic plan to increase Bermudian jobs including bipartisan tax reform to make our economy more competitive and to reduce the incentive to outsource jobs.”

In explaining their plans, Butterfield said, “Butterfield is focused on the growth of our businesses in Bermuda and our other jurisdictions. To support growth, Butterfield has established and is expanding its service centre in Halifax, Canada.

“We have an agreement [dating back to 2015] with Nova Scotia Business Inc. under which the Bank will receive a scalable payroll tax rebate for the creation of up to 100 jobs in the Canadian province over the next six years.

“At present, we employ about 35 people in Halifax; all net new positions. Butterfield has not moved jobs to Halifax from Bermuda, Cayman or Guernsey.

“We are currently actively recruiting for positions in Bermuda, Cayman, Guernsey and our other international locations, as well as Halifax. In Halifax, we are hoping to hire Bermudian graduates of universities in the area to fill available positions.

“Over the next several years, we will be working to modernise and adjust our operations and processes to support business growth, enhance customer service and improve efficiency. As a result, certain staff roles in some jurisdictions may be redefined and/or replaced with Halifax-based positions.

“Where this occurs, the Bank will make every effort to accommodate job displacement [in Cayman, Guernsey, Bermuda and other locations] through natural attrition, early retirement, or redeployment of resources to other areas.”

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  1. aceboy says:

    What would you do? Force the bank to keep jobs here? How exactly would you go about that?

  2. puzzled says:

    More garbage from this man.
    Create jobs.
    People actually believe the crap these people speak?

    Hell lets just open another bank since the oldest is moving jobs offshore just to keep it’s head above the reefs.

  3. Double S says:

    BNTB is considering moving jobs because it is 40% to 50% cheaper to operate from Halifax.

    Thus, the only way to entice them to keep jobs here is to a) reduce salaries or b) reduce salary costs.

    Option A would be a reputational nightmare for the bank and B would be a tax concession. The same forms of tax concessions the PLP have used to beat the OBA over the head with by claiming how they are for big business only when in actuality the concessions granted are designed to save jobs.

    There is a distinct reason why Brown or the PLP did not include their stated option to save these jobs as they know it would be the same option that they have criticized the OBA for using to entice business to our shores.

    So PLP what would you do to save these jobs?

  4. Eyes wide open says:

    Hey it true the UBP/OBA is having a Government Hospitality Boat?

    I just received an invite from a friend who’s allowed to take 1 guest. Utilizing Tax payer money hmmmm.This must be why all the Government workers took furlough days. Election politics at it’s best. First we take from you for 3 years than we give back 6 months before the election to get votes. LOLOL

  5. David H says:

    Mr. Brown didn’t mention “Two Bermudas”! Did he not get the memo??

    C’mon now, that’s #1 on the list! Let’s all get on the same page here:

    1. Mention “two Bermudas” ad nauseam (However, do NOT, under any circumstances, mention how the PLP contributed to this divide)
    2. Every mention of OBA Government must be preceded by “Minority”
    3. Keep repeating that job losses are 2,000, but offer no evidence. And whatever you do, do NOT mention what job losses were like under the PLP. Not for one year, definitely NOT for the aggregate!
    4. Bonus: Whatever you do, do NOT mention job losses in the banking sector under the PLP.
    5. Keep appealing to supporters’ emotions and not their intellect. This is in keeping with the PLP manifesto which is as telling as it is sad.

    Ok, so Mr. Brown hit on points 2-5, but completely missed on point #1. Pull up your socks man- there’s an election coming!! :)

    • Okay says:

      Definitely don’t mention, a global recession.

    • steve says:

      dont forget calling for someones resignation…anyone.

  6. PLPNA says:

    If PLP had continued, we would have lost at least 10,000 in same period!!

  7. wahoo says:

    We should outsource our opposition maybe that way we would get better bang for the buck. Can’t wait ’til 2025 rolls around so we can see what the big surprise is.

  8. Trump supporter says:

    Maybe there plan for 2025 will save the jobs…
    There secret plan that they can’t yet reveal.

  9. Bumbling bear says:

    The PLP will lose the election.
    The people don’t trust david Burt after how he deceived Marc bean and got him out

  10. Navin Johnson says:

    The first PLP blah blah of the week..the OBA does not control BNTB . And vision 2025? What rocket scientist came up with that? We are going to do wonderful things in 8′years?

  11. Warlord says:

    This vision 2025 is only a vision Walton.Another breeze of BS from the PLP.

  12. Swordfish says:

    We all know why you are in politics.You need a paycheck and a pension to fall back on.I don’t believe you have Bermuda at heart

  13. Ringmaster says:

    Around 2007-2009 some 5,000 jobs were moved overseas. Did the PLP do anything to keep those jobs here? Now they are concerned about a few jobs being moved to Halifax. Maybe the PLP should talk to some of their supporters in very senior positions in IB who moved hundreds of jobs overseas. Total joke but in an election year, who cares about facts or truth?

  14. Kevin says:

    The PLP are proving daily how inept they are in how business conducts business, please guys stay out of the press the outside world are watching and you are showing daily how out of touch , and unable you are in the ability to be an opposition let alone the government. Its time for all Bermudians with a conscious and want our country to survive to vote when this election is called for a clear majority so that a message is delivered to the PLP to clean your house up or face another 30 years of being the opposition

  15. sandgrownan says:

    They love the “minority” moniker don’t they. What a bunch of jokers.

    • Navin Johnson says:

      Another buzzword…minority government.

  16. Janice says:

    This man is the most disappointing politician ever always skimming the surface no meat and potatoes ……puffs of hot air really ……..talking to hear himself as one would say

  17. Ronnie V says:

    Well, I am not sure what the Govt can do but they should certainly try to encourage the bank not to move the jobs. Certainly business has to minimize expense and maximize return but there should be an element of social responsibility as well. It is fine to say that Bermuda is an expensive place to do business but there is no corporate income tax which the bank and all businesses benefit from greatly. The banks have some responsibility for the high cost of living in Bermuda given that the highest cost component of a household is housing. The difference between deposit rates and mortgage rates is significant as is the cost of a mortgage.

  18. De Truth says:

    I keep seeing the PLP always saying the ” Minority OBA Government “. I find that to be insulting and last I checked this is OUR government until the next election!!!” I can not see how attaching Slogans to titles is gonna help us in moving this country forward no matter who is the Government!!! Its time for the so called leaders of this country to grow up and lead by example and name calling is not the way!!!!!