Terita Bean Awarded As Mother Of The Year

May 14, 2017

A 19-year-old was awarded Mother of the Year by one of Bermuda’s oldest charities for caring for her nine-year-old brother after the tragic death of their mother.

Terita Bean was named Mother of the Year by the Continental Society of Bermuda after her brother Tokia wrote a heartwarming essay on why his sister is an amazing mother figure. Tokia’s impressive essay beat out 130 other students from eight schools across the Island. He attends Prospect Primary School.

Mother's Day Bermuda May 12 2017

Miss Bean has been taking care of Tokia since their mother Terry Bean died of cancer in 2012 when he was just five.

In his essay, Tokia wrote, “My sister’s care helps me feel much better when I think about my mom. Her care helps me feel better because she is there for me when I need her. When I am feeling sad, my sister makes me feel better.”

“Because of her love and care I am treated nicely. The way she cares for me is the way she’s supposed to treat me and I love it that way. When I treat her good she also loves it. That is why my sister should be Mother of the Year.”

Members of The Continental Society made a presentation to Tokia and Terita at the school’s assembly. Tokia’s winning essay was read during the assembly and he and Terita were given numerous gifts including a family gift basket, movie tickets, a dinner voucher, a spa gift certificate, a children’s watch and a bouquet of flowers to name a few.

The runner up for the contest was Alina Trew-Perez, a Dalton E. Tucker Primary School student who wrote a heartfelt essay about her mother.

The Mother’s Day Essay Competition is in its 48th year and alternates every year between P3 and P4 students and P5 and P6 students in the Island’s primary schools. Participating schools included Harrington Sound Primary, West Pembroke Primary, St. David’s Primary, Dalton E. Tucker Primary, Paget Primary, Prospect Primary, Somerset Primary and Gilbert Institute. It is the first time a sister has won the Mother of the Year contest.

The Continental Society of Bermuda, founded in 1962, is an affiliate chapter of The Continental Societies Incorporated in the US and is an international public service organization committed to improving the welfare of children in Bermuda with a focus on those in disadvantaged situations.

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  1. Hurricane says:

    This is heart warming. Congratulations and all the best to Miss. Bean and Tokia

  2. Mb says:

    The most beautifully written essay ever. His gratitude is so touching when so many take so much for granted, and his sister, still a teen, is a shining example of motherhood. She shows that simply loving and caring for our children and showing them kindness is all they really need.

  3. This is so well deserved

    Your legacy is the heritage that your Mom instilled in you both, your memories of day’s gone by will give you strength for many day’s to come.

    May you as a 19 year old recognize that there are many in who your story has touched, but the story is still being written.

    Press on and be the best that you can be to your younger brother, and the rewards will be seeing him every time he achieves anything in life.

    Hold on to God’s unchanging hand, and know that God will never fail you but will always be there with you and for you both.

    Jesus will watch over you continually and will be your strength at all times.