FibreWire Network With Free Speed Boost

June 1, 2017

One Communications today [June 1] announced the first phase of availability for FibreWire Internet.

“Over a thousand customers connected with both the company’s access and internet services have already received an automatic speed boost – free of charge and without the need for a service call,” the company said.

“FibreWire is Bermuda’s first fibre-optic based network, providing the island with lightning fast internet speeds, increased bandwidth to handle usage during peak times, and is the most reliable connection.”

Frank Amaral, One Communications CEO states, “With the recent tariff approval from the Regulator, we are pleased to offer our new FibreWire Internet service to Bermuda.

“Customers already attached to the new network are receiving an automatic speed boost without any increase in pricing. For example, customers with a 25Mbps connection will now have access to 200Mbps, a tremendous upgrade in value without any additional cost. Better yet, there’s no signing up or opting in process, it’s that simple.

“Our field teams have made significant progress with the rollout in preparation for this announcement, with the first phase of deployment benefiting the central parishes. Only a few months remain till the project’s completion island-wide, scheduled for the end of September.

As the company continues to make its way into neighbourhoods to complete construction, an outbound calling and email campaign has been underway to advise customers of minor service interruptions, to then be followed by a notice advising of the free internet speed boost.

Brian Lonergan, One’s Marketing Director adds, “Notifying customers directly is the best way for us to give the most up to date information affecting specific areas. We encourage customers to keep their contact information with us up to date, including alternate phone numbers and email addresses.

“Customers subscribing to separate Access and Internet services can review our plans and pricing here. Subscriptions to FibreWire can be completed using our online form or by calling our 24/7 Customer Care Centre by dialing 700.7100.

More information about FibreWire can be found here.

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Comments (5)

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  1. Archie says:

    Don’t understand: what is “the company’s access and internet services”? If 1,000 get it an upgrade free, do we all and how long before we have to pay for it?

    • Archie says:

      do the rest of us have to be put up with the usual rubbish?

  2. Uh... says:

    I just used the chat online to find out why it costs more for Standard Internet 15 than FibreWire 20. Now I need a Tylenol cause my jaw hurts from grinding my teeth. Could not get an informed straight forward answer. Worst case of dodge ball ever.

  3. Moojun says:

    I’m still confused as to what constitutes “the company’s access and internet services”. By this I mean that I have One Communications as my internet service provider and Cablevision, which is owned by One Communications, as my access provider, but in all my dealings with “One” they still treat Cablevision as being somehow separate.

    The only reason I have observed that qualifies them to call themselves “One Communications” is the fact that they usually have just “One” customer service rep available in their store.

    I personally am just holding out to see what “Blue Wave”‘s pricing and speeds are like. Even if they’re comparable, then “One Communications” can count me among the “One’s” that got away…

    • Uh... says:

      Agreed, but I will hold off the switch until they have gone through their first hurricane.