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June 9, 2017

The country is now ‘officially’ in election mode, with the Premier announcing last night that the General Election will be held on Tuesday, July 18th.

Many of the current MPs are expected to contest their seats again in this election, however have not yet been formally announced, and the confirmed candidates so far include Nandi Outerbridge and Kenneth Bascome in St George’s, the OBA’s five Warwick candidates are Nalton Brangman for Constituency #24, Jeff Baron for Constituency #25, Robyn Swan for Constituency #26, Sheila Gomez for Constituency #27, and Jeff Sousa for Constituency #28.

The OBA have also confirmed four of their candidates for Pembroke, with Andrew Simons in Constituency #17, Nicholas Kempe in Constituency #18, Jeanne Atherden in Constituency #19, and Susan Jackson in Constituency #20.

The PLP has announced four election candidates so far; Senator Renee Ming for Constituency #1 St Georges North, Kim Swan for Constituency #2 St. George’s West, Rev Dr Ernest Peets as the candidate for Constituency #10 Smith’s North and Senator Tinee Furbert in Constituency #4 St George’s South.

Speaking at the press conference yesterday, Premier Michael Dunkley said, “A short while ago, I met with His Excellency the Governor and he has accepted my request to dissolve Parliament for a General Election. Election day will be Tuesday, July 18.

“Before explaining the reasons for this timetable, I want to speak briefly about where we are as a country.

“Bermuda has made great strides since the election of December 2012. We’ve worked hard to turn around a dire situation that was hurting Bermudian families in unprecedented numbers.

“We brought Bermuda back from the brink of economic collapse, and cleared a path to recovery and renewal that is bringing relief to more and more households every day.

“We’ve made real progress in restoring jobs, opportunity and hope, but we still have a ways to go.


“We have been joined in our work by Bermudians from all walks of life, who stepped forward together for the sake of the Island.

“It has been a remarkable national effort on many fronts, and stands as testament to the power of working together, Bermudian know-how and love of our country.

“As Premier, I am proud of what I’ve seen – Bermudians working side by side, performing with skill, confidence and pride, working with the outside world, punching above our weight, building the Island back up.

“It is profoundly moving to see what can be achieved when we work together.

“Unfortunately, the politics of destabilization threatens this national progress just as Bermuda is taking centre stage before the world, just as we’re taking flight.

“It is deeply disappointing, and it is why we are here this evening.

“This election then will be about affirming Bermuda’s commitment to continuing the recovery, and the national effort needed to keep it going.

“All of us as Bermudians will have the opportunity to decide whether to keep moving forward on the path that’s restoring jobs, opportunity and growth or risk stepping off the path for something vague and untested.

“You will have the opportunity to decide who has the experience, and the record, to protect the livelihoods and future of your loved ones.

“I am joined this evening by my colleagues in the One Bermuda Alliance – a team that has proven it has the vision, the skills and the experience to keep the Island moving forward.

“We stand for One Bermuda, not two,

“We stand for inclusion and we deeply oppose the politics of division.

“We believe that by ensuring opportunity and fairness in all things we can get to that better place where the possibilities for Bermudians are limitless.

“Our work is not finished.

“We were elected to replace a faltering government and we’ve spent our time in office fixing an economy that was hurting people by the score, narrowing their future.

“It was a mammoth task to stop the negative momentum we inherited, slowing the massive deficits that powered the debt and rebuilding confidence in Bermuda among investors and businesses that had turned away from the Island.

“Now, look around today and you can see Bermuda changing for the better: New hotel construction, the airport redevelopment, The America’s Cup, the tourism renaissance and renewed confidence in the Island – all providing Bermudians with new opportunities and new possibilities.

“For those not yet touched by the recovery, do not despair. The ship has been turned. It’s moving in the right direction, and we’re going to get everyone safely on board. That’s our promise. That’s our commitment to you.

“My fellow Bermudians,

“In the coming weeks, the opposition will try to convince you that the choice is between us and them.

“But the real choice in this election is much simpler… and much more important.

“Will Bermuda move forward… or back?

“Forward with our ‘safe hands’ management of the economy, or back to the reckless conduct of the past.

“Forward with our work to make Bermuda more open, transparent and accountable or back to governance that put personal interest before the public interest.

“Forward with concrete progress or back to empty promises and rhetoric.

“There remains much to do, but I want to assure the people of Bermuda that we will continue to do our best to improve your life and the life of the country.

“We will continue our progress to reduce the cost of health care that causes so much anxiety for those in need.

“We will continue our progress on job training and linking those looking for work with work.

“We will continue making Bermuda more inclusive, through change that protects against discrimination and ensures fairness in the workplace.

“We will continue rebuilding the Island’s infrastructure, enabling Bermudians to go about their work in an Island that works.

“We will continue working for safe neighbourhoods. Overall crime is down to the lowest numbers in more than 15 years, but we all know there can be no real progress until we stop the shootings and the vulnerable learn and decide that there is much more to life than gang life.

“We will continue strengthening public education through greater parental involvement, expansion of STEM education, rebuilding school facilities and the introduction of technical education in middle schools.

“And we will continue our progress toward full economic recovery and renewal from the East to the West because social progress depends largely on economic progress.

“The stronger we perform, the more we can do for people in need – new programmes helping the youngest get the start they need, helping young mothers balance the demands of work and home, and helping seniors live their lives in dignity, with good housing, company and care.

“The pressures of daily life are too great for too many and it is our mission to use the benefits of recovery to ease those pressures.

“In setting the election date, it is our commitment – if you see fit to give us a mandate – to return to the House of Assembly on July 20, or as soon as practicable, to carry out important items already on our agenda, such as absentee balloting, fixed term elections, the Boundaries Commission report and roadside testing to name a few.

“At the end of the day, elections are always about you, the people we serve.

“They’re about who you believe can best protect and support your life and the lives of your loved ones.

“They’re about who you feel has proven they can keep Bermuda’s economy moving in the right direction…

“Toward a new era of opportunity and shared prosperity for you, your family, your community – for everyone.

“Let’s use this election to make sure your Bermuda moves forward together, not back.”

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  1. Only the Elite want to hear what this man has to say, because the majority of the working class population is tired of the Joker.

    I hope the U.B.P / O.B.A have enough sense to choose another person as their leader, and someone who really has the guts to lead.

    Michael Dunkley is by first the worst.

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      Bye Bye OBA ;-) ;-)
      He still gets his Premier Pension :-(

      • mark says:

        how much crow will you eat when the pathetic loser party loses? You are so out of touch with the young working class like me, you have no idea but you will come july 18th!

      • FFS says:

        Do you really think it is about the Pension for him??? I think you have your sides confused.

        • Ra's al Ghul says:

          Jus’ Askin’ will be saying bye bye to his pension if Burt has his way.

      • Double S says:

        Bet you didn’t feel that way about Dr. Brown who oversaw the destruction of our economy, national finances and Bermuda’s once prosperous middle class. But somehow Dunkley is the worst? Alternative universe you guys live in.

        Why do you guys hate Bermuda so much?

        • Breathe says:

          Why is the choice always between your way and hating Bermuda? Is there no room in Bermuda for alternative thought or philosophy ? This “my way or the highway” thing with OBA supporters is insulting.

          • Double S says:

            That’s rich coming from a PLP who states that anything the OBA does is anti-Bermudian.

    • be realistic says:

      What nonsense – all the PLP want to do is grab power for themselves and will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. The OBA are the ones trying to bring the country together and get on with the matter in hand. Over the past 5 years the economy has improved enormously and anyone that can’t admit that is either naive or stupid.

  2. Encyclopedia says:

    Now anything can happen, as we saw in UK today.

    Elections are always very unpredictable. Despite OBA feeling they did a good job, they could be routed. One can never tell the outcome of an election.

  3. mark says:

    Yes!! Lets do this! Say no to the Pathetic Loser Party! Maybe this will be the smack down they need to evolve into a legitimate opposition party and start to try and represent all of Bermuda with honesty and not Trump style lying and division tactics!

  4. Nikon says:

    The OBA stalwarts that peruse these forums have unfortunately been lulled into a sense of security on the upcoming election…much like the delusional Hilary supporters in the United States…the silent majority have had it with the deceit.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Hilary got more votes.

      • Herbert Smoker says:

        Hilary knew she had to win the electoral college, but ran a shoddy campaign as a very flawed candidate.

    • inna says:

      agreed. too bad the silent majority DO NOT support the PLP!

    • Double S says:

      “much like the delusional Hilary supporters in the United States”

      Well at least you PLPers are finally admitting you are Bermuda’s Trumpers and Republicans…

      The first step is admitting that you have a problem…

    • PositiveVibes says:

      I believe Hillary did win the majority?!

    • Reuben says:

      Just a small point, Hilary won the popular vote (the majority). Trump won because of the system.

      Also what you said can be applied to the PLP as well, this will be a very close election yet again.

    • mark says:

      You could say the exact same thing but change “the OBA” to the “PLP”…don’t you see? that is the problem! People believe whatever they want to believe these days and don’t know when they are being fed a pack of lies. Unfortunately, the PLP have hired American political advisers and are bringing Trump style political tactics to our island. The only problem with that is it will not work in a country this small and I believe, our population is smart enough to not believe the party that ran us into the ground last time and seem to be dead set on doing it again. We shall see come July 18th though wont we?

    • hmmm says:

      the deceit of the PLP yes..

      look what they did to Mark Bean. Look at what they did to Jennifer Smith.

      Look at the emotion stirring, use of all resources available to destabilize the recovery. It has always been in the PLP interests for Bermuda to fail. Despite all that the OBA have made incredible progress for Bermuda and Bermudians.

      • Herbert Smoker says:

        Bermuda is still a sinking ship any way you cut the cards. AC35 is only a temporaty bailout .

  5. Bermudian says:

    OBA OBA OBA all the way!

  6. No Ignorance says:

    I’m sorry to say Dunkley, but your political milk has now expired! It’s time for new era of inclusion, diversity, and action to be taken for the betterment of this country. Farewell, wish you all the best in your endeavors. Make this easy on yourself and just graciously except this L that I am bestowing towards you and your milk minions.

  7. local says:

    lets go Bermuda, lets keep moving forward, we can not go back to how things where under the PLP. Lets keep moving Forward Bermuda

  8. Brier says:

    Thank You Mr Dunkley for moving this Country FORWARD… the debt this country was left from previous government (how they forget) to see the economy turning around makes us feel more stable… work still needs to be done but we are on the road to move ahead. NOT BACK…. Mr Dunkley we have so much faith in you and your expertise, professionalism, kindness, trust and caring for the people of this country and our Island you are a great person… OBA you have my support…

    • Breathe says:

      “see the economy turning around makes us feel more stable”……and that is precisely what the problem is…..until we can feel the economy turning around (not see it i.e. watching others do well) there can be no stability.

  9. Coffee says:

    Milk . He never lowered the price of his milk ! In four years .. Stunning !

  10. Y-Gurl says:

    Bye bye OBA, is there still time to halt the Canadian airport one they are voted out?