Video: Princess Royal Meets Bermuda Regiment

June 26, 2017

The Princess Royal yesterday [June 25] met soldiers from the Royal Bermuda Regiment as she toured the America’s Cup Event Village.

The Royal visit came as the Bermuda Regiment’s biggest-ever deployment drew to a close with the final races of the competition.

The Princess and her husband Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence met troops from the Regiment security team, as well as British Army soldiers seconded for the event, police officers, and other village volunteers.

2nd Lt Alex Gibbs and Sgt Maj. James Self carries out a clearance sweep in the waters around the AC Event Village prior to the visit by the Princess Royal:

Dive Bermuda June 2017 (1)

Corporal Aisha Jordan, one of the soldiers who met the Princess, said, “She asked me what my task was – I told her it was working with the main security screening. I said I was really enjoying myself working here and she thanked me for my service.”

The Princess met also met Lieutenant Gordon Emmerson and Privates Jiqena Furqan and Tarik Ebbin.

Lt Emmerson said, “I told her I was in the process of finishing my two weeks on duty. It’s been a six week rotation and I said that I was very pleased to be here as security for the event.”

RBR divers from the Operational Support Divers team inspect the seabed around the America’s Cup village as part of the Regiment’s security effort for the event:

Dive Bermuda June 2017 (2)

Pte Furqan added that the Princess asked her where she and the other soldiers were sleeping while called up for America’s Cup duty, saying that “she was very pleasant.”

Pte Ebbin said, “She asked about what I was doing and my taskings and if I was enjoying it.”

The Princess met soldiers deployed on security duties the day after the Regiment’s Operational Support Divers scoured the waters around the event village in advance of the Royal visit.

Pte Jiqena Furqan, Pte Tarik Ebbin, Cpl Aisha Jordan and Lt Gordon Emmerson line up as the Princess Royal meets members of the security services at the AC village:

Royal Bermuda June 2017 (1)

2nd Lieutenant Alex Gibbs, who carried out sub-sea checks with Sergeant Major James Self on Saturday, said divers had also been deployed as rescue swimmers throughout the event.

He added, “We’ve been working with the UK police assets doing clearance dives around the village, specifically on vulnerable points and in the vicinity of internationally important people and VIP guests.”

In addition, Sgt Maj. Self retrieved an earring lost overboard by a superyacht crew member, which was returned to her.

The Princess Royal talks to Cpl Aisha Jordan and Lt Gordon Emmerson at the AC Village:

Royal Bermuda June 2017 (2)

2nd Lt Gibbs said, “Between this and the rescue swimming, it’s been pretty full on for everyone. And all our guys are doing this on top of their full-time jobs with the Regiment.

“With these high profile events, what we do is extremely important. Our role is detection and deterrence and it’s good for the RBR to be in the public eye. And operational support diving adds a new dimension to what the Regiment can do.”

“Sgt Maj. Self said, “This was just one of several searches we’ve done throughout the America’s Cup. It’s important to be seen to be proactive and tie in with the site security plan.”

Lieutenant Colonel David Curley, Commanding Officer of the RBR, said, “The Princess Royal was very happy to meet the troops involved in the security operations.”

“The event is almost over, but we’re still continuing to push the troops in all aspects to make sure we do our due diligence. We’ve had a lot of good reports about our conduct and performance on land and on sea.

“It’s been a great privilege and honour for us to have this major role We want to finish on a very high mark and end the event with the same high standards we have shown throughout.

“The Regiment has really shone in dealing with large crowds, security screening and a lot of different types of security work. We will continue to build on that in the future for other events that may come to Bermuda or the Caribbean.”

During her visit, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal also attended a reception and tree-planting at Government House and visited Christ Church Warwick.

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