Water Shut Down Schedule: June 12 To July 9

June 8, 2017

Following after yesterday’s announcement regarding the need to shut off Government’s piped water customers for approximately a week at a time to allow a greater water supply for water truckers, the Government has released the water distribution shut down schedule [by parish], which is relevant only to Government’s piped water customers.

The Ministry said, As stated in yesterday’s release, these measures are being put in place in order to assist those residents who rely solely on trucked water.

“This restriction of piped water service will not be applied to essential customers such as the King Edward Memorial VII Hospital, Cedar Park and Mary Victoria estates, who are solely reliant on the piped water supply. The Ministry of Public Works will monitor the situation and repeat these measures if and when it is necessary until this severe dry weather period subsides.

“The Government’s piped water customers will be given credit for the monthly fee charged during this time of restricted access.

“The majority of piped customers across the island have had access to water on demand, and will continue to have this ability during the periods that the piped service is on. Piped customers are encouraged to fill their tanks leading up to these outage periods and monitor their water levels throughout them.

“The Ministry of Public Works and the Bermuda Water Truckers Association would like to thank the public for their cooperation and pledge to meet the needs of our community.”

Government Piped Water Distribution Shut Down Schedule – June 12 – July 9

  • June 12 – 18 – Pembroke, Devonshire, Hamilton Parish, Smith’s
  • June 19 – 25 – Southampton, Sandy’s
  • June 26 – July 2 – Pembroke, Devonshire, Hamilton Parish, Smith’s
  • July 3 – July 9 – Southampton, Sandy’s

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  1. Say Whaat says:

    So what are people supposed to do for a WEEK without water?

    • Rada Gast says:

      Fill their tanks before the water is cut off. Did you read the article? And conserve water like everyone else has to do.

  2. swing voter says:

    Government Piped Water Distribution Shut Down Schedule – June 12 – July 9!
    June 12 – 18 – Pembroke, Devonshire, Hamilton Parish, Smith’s

    The water in Hamilton Parish has been off for 2 weeks so does that mean it will be on June 12 – 18 or continue to be off?
    With all the money you gave the America Cup the OBA could have built a larger water factor now the people can’t even get a bath.

  3. get real says:

    so please explain how you bathing stimulates the economy. oh right. stfu and get used to impoverished lifestyle ;)

  4. Gustav says:

    unbelievable !
    that’s the result if the community is relying only to one source.
    that’s 3rd World behavior.
    there are technical solutions , but why not here ???