Emperial Group Receives Property & Cash Grant

July 14, 2017 | 15 Comments

The Emperial Group has been awarded a piece of property in the North Hamilton area and a startup cash grant by the Department of Works and Engineering and the Department of Social Development & Sports to support the group’s mission of “addressing the anti-social behaviours of our disenfranchised youth.”

“Their goal is to empower our youth through capacity building and enrichment activities such as vocational and job training, career development support, GED services, prevention mentoring programs, recreational activities and more. The Emperial Group’s vision is to eventually establish three community vocational and job training centres across the Island,” a spokesperson said.

Emperial Group Bermuda July 13 2017

“To begin apprenticeship training with our disenfranchised youth as soon as possible, the group welcomes community partners willing to help provide financial and non-financial assistance to support the vocational training program’s first task of renovating the first community centre building.”

“Being involved in the purpose-built renovation, trainees will get hands-on vocational training in masonry, painting, landscaping, electrical work, carpentry, welding, plumbing, metal work and more from day one. Other potential vocational training areas are recording engineering, IT and product personalization, complimented by recreational activities for community social interaction.

“The land surrounding the building is ideal for eventually developing a farming technology program that will accommodate the modern idea of vertical farming.”

Corin Smith from the Emperial Group notes, “It is very important that we take advantage of the opportunity to use recent farming technology as a part of Bermuda’s food security strategy. Vertical farming is the future of agriculture and has benefits that could revolutionize farming in Bermuda.”

Minister of Social Development and Sports Nandi Outerbridge stated, “We have been working with The Emperial Group on making this part of their initiative a reality for several months. It is exciting to see it come to fruition since it is of national importance to develop resources and support programs that empower our young adults to be productive citizens.

“The associated programs of this community vocational and job training centre will most definitely help our disenfranchised youth to achieve success through personal development.

“It will be a welcome addition to the Island’s other vocational training and youth development initiatives, and will provide the unique opportunity to customize job training programs specific to the needs of the surrounding community.”

When asked how he thought the community job training centres would benefit Bermuda, Gladwyn Simmons from the Emperial Group stated, “Anything experiential that can help successfully bring violence down and effectively rehabilitates members of our community regardless of race, color or creed is worth pursuing.

“All communities benefit most when its citizens are productive. We have witnessed a deficit in productivity across various aspects of our society and our group’s unique and creative approach to vocational and job training, mentoring and educational development will produce positive results.”

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  1. Branch says:

    Great stuff. Congratulations to everyone involved in this initiative, and good luck!

  2. Alex B says:

    Is there contact information for Emperial Group? I was interested in assisting with this venture.

  3. Vote The OBA Out! says:

    Just in time for the election!

    Won’t save you though OBA – had 4 1/2 years to do this!

    • Zevon says:

      Back in the real world, retail sales increased by 10% in May. The recovery is here. We can either keep it, or throw it away again.

      • How Much For A Gallon Of Milk?? says:

        Anything to do with the one-off America’s Cup? Not a real recovery, bye. Just a boost for a while.

        • Zevon says:

          New hotels, new investment, new infrastructure, new airport. New jobs, new sources of business. I know how much you hate it because it wasn’t your idea.

    • Navin Johnson says:

      and you did nothing for 14 years

  4. yyz says:

    “Won’t save you though OBA – had 4 1/2 years to do this!”

    You’re right, the OBA need 14 years to completely destroy the island….like the PLP did.

    • Last minute desperation, a day late and a dollar short. Any chances these guys had family members who where threatened with furlough days, or agree with de Immigration F#!@ up, or attend public schools or have seniors who have been neglected for a sailboat race or family members that where pepper sprayed?
      But I get it, throw them a bone to convince them.
      We fall for it everytime.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        But had this transaction never taken place you’d be howling that ‘they’ don’t care about us so in effect no matter what ‘they’ do , in your books , ‘they’re’ F#!@ed anyway !
        We do understand your one track thinking , as tiring as it is .

        And for the millionth time it was the BPS who used pepper spray , not some political party.

      • Busted says:

        Taking care of seniors and schools takes money that the PLP wasted. Nothing to see here.

  5. yyz says:

    “We fall for it everytime.”

    that’s because you’re stupid.

  6. bdaboy says:

    Criminals get pepper sprayed…don’t break the law and you won’t…get it yet?

  7. Not truthful says:

    Disenfranchised —not having the right to vote, or a similar right, or having had that right taken away, or having no power to make people listen to your opinion or to affect the society you live in.

    Many of these young men have no interest in education. It was available to the but there was no family structure to support them. Nothing was taken, it is a choice they made. Others in similar circumstances made better choices.

  8. bdaboy says:

    “Disenfranchised —not having the right to vote, or a similar right, or having had that right taken away, or having no power to make people listen to your opinion or to affect the society you live in.”

    The LGBTQ community? The one that the PLP pledged to remove equal rights from?

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