Post Office Advisory: Notice To Crawl Residents

July 17, 2017

The Bermuda Post Office [BPO] said they wish to advise residents of CR02 and CR03 that there will be “no mail delivery owing to staff vacancies.”

“The BPO apologizes for this inconvenience. Residents may collect their mail from the Crawl Post Office from Wednesday July 19, whilst we complete the hiring process, which we hope to be August 1, 2017,” a spokesperson said.

“The BPO wishes to thank the public for its patience.”

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Comments (5)

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  1. Real Onion says:

    Bermuda Post Office has the slowest delivery service in the World.

  2. Stinky D. says:

    Pay some workers overtime to deliver the mail
    Use some left over money from Americas Cup or did it all get spent

  3. Tom Tom says:

    What a load of crap, these clowns need to get off their lazy butts and get the job done instead of trying to make a point! the post office is a dinosaur and needs a complete overhaul and new staff, its filthy, slow and as modern as the wheel, get a grip civil servants

  4. Oongah boonga prince of nigeria says:

    OK.,………straight up…… got in because you said you would legalise medical marijuana.
    Now……do it!

  5. bdaboy says:

    Why doesn’t the PLP want people to get their mail? Why does the PLP hate these people?