Video: OBA Press Conference On Seniors/Health

July 10, 2017

[Updated] The One Bermuda Alliance [OBA] held a press conference today [July 10] with Minister of Health and Seniors Jeanne Atherden, and election candidates Andrew Simons and Simone Barton discussing matters related to seniors and health care.

The press conference has just concluded and we will have additional information later on, and in the meantime the 34-minute live video replay is below.

Update 2.24pm: Neville Tyrrell Candidate for Constituency 26: “It is now clear to all Bermudians that Premier Michael Dunkley does not want to debate Opposition leader David Burt because the OBA’s campaign is based on lies, falsehoods and scaremongering.

“The OBA today continued to show their desperation by lying to seniors to try and convince them to vote OBA. The PLP will again say that there is no plan to invest pension money in startups. The Pension funds are invested by the Public Funds Investment Committee which has strict regulations and does not invest in startups. The fact that the OBA continues to run a dirty campaign based on lies shows the people how little respect the OBA has for them.

“The only mention of pensions in the PLP platform is a promise to increase Seniors Pensions every year unlike the OBA who made seniors wait 5 years. The OBA also froze increases for Civil Service Retirees for the first time ever. The OBA has proven over the past five years that they cannot be trusted with our senior’s pensions because they simply don’t value Bermudian Seniors.

“If the Premier Dunkley stands behind the lies and scaremongering that he is running the OBA campaign on, then why is he afraid to debate Opposition Leader David Burt?”

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  1. Point boy says:

    A dirty campaign? What a joke.
    The OBA gives you facts and figures! (Probably a picture also, if you need it!)
    This is the most diverse and open government I’ve seen in my 40.

    They have my full confidence in running Bermuda

    • far from it says:

      really have you listened to house when in section, they did not answer question after question, on so many occasions by the opposition do i need to remind you jetgate airportgate 350gate immigrationgate this is just my short list,

      i can go on and on don’t forget the non diclosure by the finance minister

      how much is the airport gonna cost i don’t remember the number it keeps changing we will be shocked when there dust settles and the first plane lands at the new privet airport

      unborn generations will ask the question of you and me how did we let this happen 1- 2 billion and counting

      • Point boy says:

        As opposed to the plp? Really?

        Let me tell you Grasshopper. #far from it. The plp were so arrogant in their tenure, they didn’t answer to anyone or anything.

        Lets not forget how we got here!

  2. Really says:

    Really Jeanne ?! “You can only reduce that (the costs of insurance premiums) by reducing utilisation (of diagnostic imaging…” Well that tells you everything you need to know about the OBA. Rather than tackle the unregulated costs of insurance premiums, their answer is to protect those companies’ profits and reduce the peoples ability to get screened, tested etc for things that no-one should be dying from in 2017. Justus you know OBA, insurance companies are businesses too; why don’t you take them on instead of the doctors trying to save lives and provide better care?

    • Justin says:

      Just like these health care providers, insurance companies don’t have to do business if they don’t want to either. So now what? Insurance companies only charge what they need to pay out in claims… duh!

  3. OBA/ UBP NO WAY says:

    All you oba/UBP internet Trolls will be fired next week this time PRICELESS!!