July 2017: Top 10 Bernews “Photo Of Day”

August 1, 2017

Aiming to help our readers wake up to a taste of the island each day while also showcasing Bermuda’s beauty, Bernews features a “Photo of the Day” in our email newsletter, social media and app every morning.

Always popular, July’s top photos attracted tens of thousands of reactions on social media and a combined reach into the hundreds of thousands, and judging by the number of readers’ “likes”, the month’s most popular photos included shots of boats in Flatt’s Inlet, a spectacular shot of a Bermudian morning, the always popular Horseshoe Bay Beach, the island in summer, shades of blue in our waters, and more.

July 2017 Photo of Day TC Bermuda

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1] Boats In Flatt’s Inlet

This shot of boats appearing to float over the magical waters of Flatt’s Inlet earned the most likes for the month of July.

576 Boats appear to float in the air over the magic waters of Flatt's Inlet

2] Bermuda Mornings

This spectacular shot of a Bermudian morning took July’s second position.

430 Some mornings are more spectacular than others, but all Bermuda mornings are great.

3] Horseshoe Bay Beach

This stunning shot of the always popular Horseshoe Bay Beach earned the third spot on July’s list.

349 The stunning Horseshoe Bay beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

4] Bermuda In Summer

Showing off Bermuda’s unique summer look, this photo made the fourth spot on July’s list.

322 Bermuda is such a magical place, but especially so in the summer.

5] Shades Of Blue

This shot of the many shades of blue in our waters took the fifth position on July’s list.

315 How many shades of blue are there in a Bermuda sea Too many to count

6] Aerial View Of The West End 

This gorgeous aerial view of the West End earned itself July’s sixth spot.

312 Gorgeous aerial view of the west end on a stunning day.

7] Calm Sunny Day

This photo of Harrington Sound on a calm sunny day nabbed the seventh position on July’s top ten list.

286 Harrington Sound looks gorgeous on a calm Bermuda blue sunny day.

8] Beautiful Beach

Showcasing another of the island’s many beautiful beaches, this shot earned July’s eighth spot.

278 Just another beautiful beach in Bermuda. Show your friends overseas and welcome them to come.

9]  Tide Rolls

Watching the tide roll in is particularly beautiful in Bermuda, with this photo capturing July’s ninth spot.

264 Watching the tide roll is, is particularly beautiful in Bermuda. Come see our sea.

10] Aerial View

Another aerial shot rounds out July’s list, with this photo showcasing Tom Moore’s in the foreground and Castle Harbor in the background.

248 An aerial view with Tom Moore's in the foreground and Castle Harbor behind.


As far as photos on our sister site ForeverBermuda.com, this photo was the number one photo for July 2017. Dedicated fans of Bermuda photography can also view great images of the island on the ForeverBermuda Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Photo of Day ForeverBermuda July 2017

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