Viking Sea Boat Incident ‘Under Investigation’

August 31, 2017

When the car carrier Viking Sea was leaving the Hamilton docks yesterday afternoon with the assistance of two government tugs, “one of the tug’s towline parted” resulting in the vessel making contact with the corner of dock, and the incident is presently under investigation, the Transport Ministry has confirmed.

A Ministry of Transport & Regulatory Affairs spokesperson said, “The Car Carrier Viking Sea departed the Cargo Docks in Hamilton at 3:00pm yesterday with the assistance of the two government tugs, Powerful and Faithful.

“During the unberthing procedure and manoeuvring off the berth, one of the tug’s towline parted resulting in the vessel drifting down on, and making contact with, the corner of the Cargo Dock.

“The incident is presently under investigation,” the spokesperson added.

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  1. Isaac H says:

    A boat hitting a dock is a police investigation… But… Kidnapping extotion, bank fraud, wilful damage criminal trespass, invasion of privacy and Major building code infractions cannt be looked at…. Police today…. are not paying attention…. Remove the term police… Assign them a more appropriate name please.

    • Point boy says:

      I never saw the word ‘police’ once. It said ‘an investigation’. You don’t have to be a police officer to conduct an investigation on a matter.

  2. spider says:


  3. you need to read an remember says:

    It shouldnt need to be investigated. The rope broke an walla. Damage done .. go ahead keep wasting tax payers money