Bermudians Urged To ‘Remain Vigilant’ In UK

September 16, 2017

The Government of Bermuda London Office has advised “Bermudians in the UK to remain vigilant of their surroundings” following the events in London yesterday morning.

An 18-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of a terror offence in connection with Friday’s attack on a London Tube train, in which 30 people were injured after the explosion on a train at Parsons Green, the BBC reported.

The Telegraph reported, “The UK’s terror threat level has been raised from severe to critical, indicating a further attack may be imminent, following the Parsons Green Tube bomb, Prime Minister Theresa May said.

“Army troops will be assisting the police with their duties, freeing up officers to continue their investigation into the attack.”

“Nobody suffered life-threatening injuries in the incident, the fifth terrorist attack Britain has suffered in less than six months. Parsons Green station has since reopened,” the Guardian stated.

In a tweet posted yesterday, the Bermuda London Office said, “The London Office would like to advise Bermudians in the UK to remain vigilant of their surroundings following this morning’s events in London.

“Please be reminded the London Office is here to assist Bermudians in the UK. In incidents such as today we welcome Bermudians to utilise the London Office should they require any assistance in liaising with family or seeking guidance.”

“The London Office can be reached at: Tel: +44 [0] 20 75189900 or Email:”

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  1. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    Remain vigilant, they better get their butts cracking and come home on the next thing smokin

  2. A Bermudian in Wales says:

    Yes, very sound advice. All of us living in the UK need to be extremely vigilant. HOWEVER, the problem is in the UK security forces which are not very effective. In almost every case of terrorist activity, the UK government AFTERWARDS states that the terrorists had been “on their radar”. What we living in the UK wonder is WHY these people cannot be tracked and monitored more efficiently? Is it “political correctness” at fault, one wonders? And WHY has the UK, for years, allowed a HUGE stream of legal and illegal immigrants to enter the UK, heavily straining the UK’s benefit facilities, to the point that now, for example, the National Health Service is almost at breaking point? It is a dangerous time!

    • Hence says:


    • A Chap called Vanz says:

      Bermudians are legal immigrants. Bit hypocritical of you.

      • A Bermudian in Wales says:

        Yes, Bermudians in fact were given full UK citizenship by the UK government some years back, and therefore enjoy ALL the rights & privileges as UK citizens born in the UK, for example. I have a UK (EU) passport, but, unhappily, the UK government will NOT stamp my passport to confirm I am a Bermudian ~ very odd indeed.

        • Coffee says:

          Tony Blair opened the door that Thatcher built ..

          That’s why this Bermudian will always stay put in lovely Bermuda

          Mark Twain says ,’ you could go to heaven , I’ll stay in Bermuda

  3. Real Onion says:

    A Bermudian would say Good Morning and offer a ride FFS!