Tree Trimming & Road Works Advisories

September 13, 2017 | 2 Comments

The Ministry of Public Works has advised of upcoming tree trimming and road works.

Road Works

The Ministry said, “Today, 13th September there will be resurfacing works taking place along Palmetto Road between Bishops Spencer Road and Border Lane during off-peak times.

“And tomorrow and Friday, there will be a possible one lane closure along Parsons Road between Montpelier Road/ Frog Lane roundabout and Roberts Avenue during off-peak times, to accommodate resurfacing works.


“The Department of Parks advising that the public that over the next two weekends, Saturday, 16th September and Saturday, 23rd September, work crews will be topping casuarinas trees and trimming palm trees on the South Road in Southampton and Warwick.

“The area under vegetation management begins at Turtle Cove in Southampton and ends at Astwood Park in Warwick. This work is part of the on-going maintenance of the National Parks system and is especially important during hurricane season. The motoring public is asked to proceed with caution in the vicinity of crews.”

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  1. Seascape says:

    This is a start but it needs to be done throughout the island. There are sidewalks we cannot walk on as they are overgrown, weeds, trees & bushes growing out of the road and into the road. If I were a tourist, I would not want to come to an island that is so overgrown.

  2. Pat A says:

    We spend millions on advertising our beautiful island and then we seem to lack pride in keeping it neat for our visitors…the sidewalks and road sides are a disgrace in most areas with no care being taken to keeping the weeds cut…in some areas people have to almost be in the middle of the road to be able to walk…how disgusting is this and it seems that for many years now this has been allowed to happen…what’s the plan going forward? thanks…

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