Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For September 2017

September 30, 2017

September was a busy time with videos, with Bernews posting almost 200 videos during the month, and the top ten most viewed on YouTube included the fire at Robertson’s in St. George’s, the Throne Speech, a dead moray eel, boats on fire, Sunday ‘Good News’ spotlights, and Premier David Burt speaking at the Labour Day Banquet.

Top 10 Videos September 2017

As far as Facebook videos, the top one for the month was the live video of fire at Robertson’s in St George’s with over 26,000 views, the second was a video recap of the fire at Robertson’s fire with over 17,000 views, and the third was also live video of the fire. 

As far as live Periscope videos, the top one for the month was the Labour Day march, the second was the fire in St George’s, while the third was a look at sea conditions on a windy day.

As far as Instagram videos, the top one for the month was a dead moray eel, the second was the Robertson’s fire, and the third was an infovid of Premier David Burt’s comments about the devastation in the Caribbean following Hurricane Irma.

#1 – Damage Following Fire In St. George’s, September 2

#2 – BFRS Respond To Fire In St George’s, September 2

#3 – Fire At Robertson’s In St. George’s, September 2

#4 – Dead Moray Eel Floating At Dock In St George, September 5

#5 – Fire Service Extinguishes Boat Fires At Riddell’s Bay, September 1

#6 – CITV Broadcast Of Throne Speech, September 8

#7 – Bernews “Good News” Sunday Spotlight, September 3

#8 – Premier David Burt At BIU Banquet, September 1

#9 – Bernews “Good News” Sunday Spotlight, September 10

#10 – Bernews “Good News” Sunday Spotlight, September 17

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