Video: Sunday Oct 1st ‘Good News’ Spotlight

October 1, 2017

News that Harrington Sound Primary School & Elliot Primary School students donated towards hurricane relief efforts, Jasmine Spence scored and was named woman of the match for Mercer University, and ILS Bermuda announced a new education initiative were all some of the positive news stories from the past week.

GN cover Bermuda October 1 2017

In additional good news, 100 Women in Finance donated $20,000 to Centre Against Abuse, Lizzy Madeiros was selected to join Women’s Equestrian Hunt Seat Team at Berry College, A.S. Cooper stores donated to help hurricane victims, and $1,000 was donated after the ‘Tribute to Fadda Dub’ event.

We also posted various community photo galleries, including coverage of karting, football, cricket, Bermuda Society of Arts exhibition, the Tokio Millennium Re Triathlon, the Police Gymkhana, and the Celebrating Wellness event.

In an effort to highlight some of positive news happening in our community, we supplement our standard morning and evening email newsletters with a special Sunday “Good News” email newsletter edition, and also produce a highlight video and article which strictly focuses on the positive news about Bermuda and Bermudians from the past week.

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Links to some of the ‘good news’ from the past week are below:

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