Bermuda Riders Compete in Gatorback Moto

November 30, 2017

Jyire Mitchell, Jonah Smith, Aaron Cannonier, Kai Simons, Zamair Darrell, Zendai Ingham-Fubler and Grae Edness competed at the 2017 SX Mini O Motocross event at Gatorback.

Mitchell competed in 4 Classes finishing in the top 10 in three of them. During the 250 Pro Sport Class, Mitchell recorded finishes of 12th and 15 to finish 11th overall.

During the 250 A Class Mitchell would record finishes of 12th and 9th to finish 9th overall, Mitchell would then finish 7th and 11th in the 450 Pro Sport Division to finish 10th overall and then he would have his best finish of the event when he finished 6th competing in the 450 a Class after finishes of 4th and 7th.

Competing in the College [16-24] Class Smith finished 10th with finishes of 4th and 14th, he would then finish 14th competing in the 450 Pro Sport Class after crossing the line 8th in the first moto and then 22nd in the second. Smith would then close out competing in the 450 A Class finishing 17th after finishes of 23rd and 14th.

Aaron Cannonier would only compete in one Class and that was the Junior 25+ Class where he finished 16th after finishing 17th and 16th, Simons finished the 450 C Limited Class in 15th, this after he finished 7th in Heat One and 15th in Heat Two.

Darrell would finish in 33rd competing in the 250 C Limited Class with finishes of 12th and 30th, he would finish 8th during the 450 C Limited Class this after crossing the line 5th and 7th.

Ingham-Fubler would finish 33rd competing in the 450 c Class after recording finishes of 18th and 34th, he would also finish 25th competing in the 450 C Limited Class after crossing the line 24th and 25th.

Edness was 26th in the 51 [4-8] limited Class and he was also 31st competing in the 51 [7-8] Limited Class.

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