Sold-Out Boxing Match To Be On Pay-Per-View

November 10, 2017

Tomorrow evening [Nov 11], Bermudian Nikki Bascome’s sold-out boxing match against Portugal’s Fabio Costa will be streamed live on the internet via pay-per-view.

A spokesperson for the “Undefeated” event, set to be held at the Fairmont Southampton, said, “For the first time in the history of Bermuda, streaming worldwide, Extreme Entertainment presents pay per view boxing at its best.

“Log onto today and subscribe, then receive unlimited access to all the behind-the-scenes action, the live weigh-in, promotional models, and so much more, all inclusive for one great price of $49.99.”

The pay-per-view offering will allow fans who were unable to buy tickets for the sold-out fight to stream the event worldwide.

Nikki Bascome and Andre Lambe arrived at the L.F. Wade International Airport on Tuesday [Nov 7], followed by the Portugal team on Wednesday [Nov 8].

Doors for the event at the Fairmont Southampton will open at 7.00pm, with the show getting underway at 8.00pm.

Pay Per View Nikki Bascome

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  1. flikel says:

    $50? This is an outrageous price, this is not a championship fight. No offence, but these are two fighters who are not even fighting a 10 round match. This should be $20 max.

    • BDA says:

      Why are you so negative?! If it’s too much, don’t purchase, it’s really that simple!

      There are 10 fights on the card, Bermuda vs Portugal, the island isn’t more represented then that. It’s fun competitiveness! They are young and upcoming boxers and I personally am proud to support which is why I will actually be at the fighT. We have a boxer here, Nikki, that has gone pro and still has to work a 9-5, absolutely ridiculous! This island should be able sponsor him to do this FULL TIME. You have another boxer, Andre, that hasn’t gone pro just to be able to go to the Olympics and represent THIS COUNTRY and then you have the up and coming ones who are doing something constructive so that they don’t fall into the idleness that plagues this island and YOU ARE COMPLAINING?! There are much bigger issues that you can use your energy on. Please, get over yourself!!!

    • sage says:

      I don’t mind spending $50, all the best to my boy Nikki and all the fighters involved.

  2. I think it’s a fair price giving all the costs to make this all come togather venue costs , plane tickets for overseas fighter, advertisement costs , etc . Many people would blow $150 on drinks at a bar in one night and some people much more on other things even in a Resturant one person costs at least $40 to have a meal I’m almost sure that it will be more than one fight on the card. On the other hand we will be supporting our local talent a kind of small sponsor ship if you can look at it that way but of course if one has a problem with the costs one needs not to attend
    Good luck to all our local fighters who have been didicated for months in training I know you will rise to the occasion
    And give us the fans of boxing a good and clean fun filled night out
    Buddha bless you

  3. I would love to be at the fight. But my new TV on my new couch is much better. flikel go to docksiders cheapass!