Video: ‘Coral Beats’ First Public Performance

November 22, 2017

All-female musical group Coral Beats performed the third Neil Bernie Foundation Fundraiser at Docksiders on Friday, with the group starring Gwen Cantarella, Kim Duess, Kendra Earls, Chikako Hoshina, Susan Pearson, Sue Riihiluoma [Founder], Kim Simmons, Maureen Stapely, Paula Wight, Annabel Carter, Josephine Didier, Nicky Gurret, Kim Moseley, Laverne Richardson, Nicole Robinson, Patricia Simons, Helen Stirling, and Patricia Young.

The Brazilian Samba/Reggae drum band was inspired by a women’s drum group that their founder Sue Riihiluoma saw perform outside Lincoln Centre in New York during the Christmas season in 2012.

After four years of research and encouragement from friends and family, Coral Beats was formed in March 2017.

Mrs. Riihiluoma said, “We practice once a week and our members are a diverse fun–loving group, enjoying themselves and learning to play the rhythms of Brazil. Ninety percent of the band have never played a drum before.”

Their musical director is Kim Deuss, who studied drums in New York City for seven years, and played and performed in several bands in New York City and recorded on several albums in both that city and Los Angeles. Recently, she went on tour and played at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

Earlier this year Coral Beats gave their first performance to family and friends at Warwick Academy, and recently played at a private birthday party so they are “now on a roll,” according to Ms. Deuss.

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  1. Great says:

    A great start. Best wishes.

  2. Nicky says:

    Indeed a great start! There is a lot more to come!