Green Family Donates $10K To Salvation Army

December 21, 2017

The Green Family are donating $10,000 to The Salvation Army, which will support the many programmes that are run by the organisation during the busy holiday season and throughout the year

Andrew Green, on behalf of the Green Family, said: “We appreciate the important work that the Salvation Army does in our community. We are pleased to make this contribution to assist with their many important programmes over the holiday season and into the New Year.”

Alexander Green, Andrew Green Bermuda Jan 18 2016

Calvin Ming, Director of PR for The Salvation Army, on behalf of Major Fred Pittman, said: “The Salvation Army appreciates the contributions of the Green Family. We have been blessed by their support for some time, and with 1200 families and as many as 1800 individuals in need this holiday season, donations such as this are particularly welcome.

“Our work also continues throughout the year, and we look forward to continuing to serve the Bermuda public in the New Year, in the name of God and our generous donors, such as the Green Family.

“The Salvation Army wishes the Green Family and all of Bermuda a Merry Christmas.”

The Salvation Army offers services and programmes across the Island, with the goal of restoring dignity and hope in community members who experience times of need.

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  1. Bermy says:

    Thank you from Bermuda to the Green Family (again) your generosity and care to Bermuda and its people is priceless. Cheers and have a great holiday season

  2. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    The greatest gift that you can give any body comes from the heart.

    Please ! The Salvation Army shoud not have to beg for support to help people on the mend, those days are over.

    Who is going to add to that very generouse donation from the Green family ?

    • That was very generous, thank you Green family.
      If more wealthy families/ people whom had inherited or made good buisness deals did more of this, then our poverty issues worldwide would deminish a bit.
      The worth of multi-millionaires and Billionaires in this world compared to the amount of people in poverty is alarming, but good gestures like this goes a long way.

    • wahoo juice says: