Raccoon Euthanized After Found In Container

December 6, 2017 | 36 Comments

A raccoon found in a shipping container was “humanely euthanized” due to the “unknown disease status of this wild animal and the potential implications to human health,” the Department of Environment and Natural Resources confirmed, adding that a “wild raccoon would not be returned to the country of origin, as no country would accept it.”

A Government spokesperson said, “Yesterday morning, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources received a report of a live raccoon being found inside a shipping container located at Pembroke Paint Company, Bakery Lane, Pembroke.

“Government officers attended the scene and the animal was removed. The container was inspected for additional ‘live cargo’ and nothing further was found. The container departed Scarborough, Ontario, Canada one week ago.

Screenshot from a video of the raccoon being circulated


“Due to the unknown disease status of this wild animal and the potential implications to human health, the raccoon was humanely euthanized immediately.

“Raccoons are susceptible to a large number of different infectious agents including bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Thankfully, no person came into contact with the raccoon, and so no human was put at risk.

“The Department wishes to thank the staff of Pembroke Paint Company for their quick thinking and actions which safeguarded the community.

“In these matters, a wild raccoon would not be returned to the country of origin, as no country would accept it.”

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  1. Wizard says:

    1st degree murder.

    • HW says:

      It’s unfortunate. but there LITERALLY was nothing else that could have been done.

      • Shnarf says:

        Death is never an option, only when faced with death itself. It was killed for no good reason. No different than when colonists did and said such when invading and conquering. It is justifying something that cannot rightfully be justified in defense of the animal’s life itself. If it had rabies or something that would be different, but merely because it is not a local species and they did not test and treat and send it back at a cost, they chose to kill it.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          ‘Send it back at a cost ? ‘ Did you not understand the part where no-one would accept it ? ( I won’t even go near the totally irrelevant remark about colonialization)
          Furthermore , no-one in their right mind is going to handle an animal that could potentially be rabid to test it when in their country of origin they’re considered to be nothing too much more than vermin.

          As a local vet said a long time ago , people must not underestimate the fact that we’ve kept Bermuda rabies free so far . Once that changes only then will people understand what life changing measures we will have to go through from then on for eternity.

          Yeah , it was unfortunate that it had to be euthanized but that’s how things go .

          And the comment about the x ray machine not picking it up was pretty thought provoking as well .

        • HW says:

          You clearly have no concept of the practicality of such an undertaking and what would be necessary for this to even be possible.

          and your comparison is, frankly, insanely ridiculous and not even remotely comparable to this situation.

        • kim says:

          wicked people , I would have paid for it to be sent back myself, just had to contact a wild live service were ever the next plane or ship was going to pick him up

          • HW says:

            READING IS FUNDAMENTAL!!! Did you not read where it said no country would take it back? No country is going to take it, even where it originated from because they can’t be sure where it’s been or what it may or may not have contracted during this time. And it’s a raccoon!

            • John says:

              They mention Scarborough Ontario,Canada. And I am certain that Canada wouldn’t denied it since raccoons wander free as they wish.


      TO WIZARD:
      Absolutely not!!

  2. Sad, so will it be stuffed or turned into a Davy Crockett hat?

  3. Family Man says:

    Poor guy. Somebody should have told him they don’t like furriners here.

  4. Killed a racccoon says:

    Thats messed up. We killed a lil visitor to our island without checking his health status…. he would have been a nice addition to the aquarium. He didnt ask to be shipped here than killed. So if some person get accidentally shipped here in a container were gonna put him down too without seeing if he carries diseases to our country… people fly here and bring infections too

  5. sage says:

    The parasite they carry is spread through feces so I hope the container and contents were properly sanitized. .

  6. DS says:

    Why couldnt the animal have been tested and if found not to be infected kept at the aquarium?

    • HW says:

      would that be fair to the animal? they would have to create an entire habitat to suit his requirements. frankly I think that would be far more cruel to this animal- to keep him locked up in an unnatural place.

    • BermyChef says:

      The test for rabies results in death, as the brain tissue has to be studied.

      • Robin says:

        They could have quarantined him for 10 days as they do here in Canada. They cost should have been relayed back to the shipping company as should the cost of his return journey to Toronto. Wildlife should not be looked at as disposable due to the cost of its care. I am tired of costs always being an excuse.

    • I think not says:

      Fix your brain.

  7. Rse says:

    How did this container pass through the X Ray system ,with Ricky not being picked up , leaves a lot of question as to how good the system is at detecting foriegn objects which I alive and well.

  8. Bling Waffle Gyroscope Beaver says:

    They should have trained it to pick up trash.

  9. DC says:

    Animal cruelty for sure and goes to show that animals still have no rights. Surely they could have ran tests to discover if he was a health risk or not and preserved this beautiful creatures life by placing it into the zoo. Truly not fair or right. Time for the animal rights activates to fight for animal rights on this small Island. This makes me angry.

    • HW says:

      OK then you donate tens of thousands of dollars to create a habitat for this 1 raccoon. and for every other instance where this happens. then you can spend your time and money caring for said animal. you also explain to the poor animal why they’re locked up and forced to live in a most unnatural surrounding.

      you talk about ‘animal rights’ but then advocate for locking it in an enclosure against its will. IRONIC isn’t it?

  10. kim says:

    the person who made the decision must feel proud or empowered, cocky idiots

  11. MaplePat says:

    It’s sad that it was euthanized but protecting Bermuda’s natural flora and fauna should come first. For those saying it should have been tested. The test for rabies involves cutting open the brain of the animal, it is also quite expensive.

    Yeah, Raccoons look cute but in reality, they are pests that can cause a lot of damage to homes and property and they can even wreak havoc on your life if you don’t remove them as soon as possible,through things such as disease.

    Unfortunately, raccoons’ urine and feces contain many harmful bacteria and parasites. If you and your family members (or anyone else in the building) become exposed to these parasites or bacteria, you could develop serious illnesses.

    Some of these parasites and bacteria are even airborne, so you could become ill simply by breathing in these toxins.

  12. Sailor says:

    Assuming all the complainers are vegetarians


    Someone called it murder.
    Definitely not born here.

    • bdaboy says:

      “Definitely not born here.”

      Too bad it wasn’t a uyghur, he’d have a house and a job by now!

  14. Don Burgess says:

    From the CDC website:

    What samples are needed for rabies testing?
    Rabies testing should be performed in accordance with the established national standardized protocol for rabies testing by a qualified laboratory that has been designated by the local or state health department. Euthanasia should be accomplished in such a way as to maintain the integrity of the brain so that the laboratory can recognize the anatomical parts.

    Except in the case of very small animals, such as bats, only the head or brain (including brain stem) should be submitted to the laboratory. Fresh frozen (unfixed) tissues are preferred for rabies diagnosis. Refrigerated samples are not preferred and should be used only as a last resort when shipping on dry ice is not possible.

    Chemical fixation of tissues should be avoided to prevent substantial testing delays and because it might preclude reliable testing. Questions regarding testing of fixed tissues should be directed to the local rabies laboratory or public health department.

  15. Jean Foggo Simon says:

    My goodness they are wild animals. They cannot be caged. Bermuda is no place for such an unwelcome visitor.

  16. bdaboy says:

    It’s a trash panda. It’s basically a cute rat. kill it.

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