Traffic Delays On North Shore Due To Collision

December 1, 2017

Police are advising that there are traffic delays due to a road traffic collision in the area of North Shore Road and Limehouse Lane in Hamilton Parish.

At around 5.00pm today, a police spokesperson said, “Please be advised there has been another serious single vehicle road traffic collision in the area North Shore Road and Limehouse Lane in Hamilton Parish.

“Details are still unfolding but it appears that a man on motorcycle collided with a wall in the area. The victim has been taken to the hospital and his condition appears to be serious.

“There should be traffic delays, while the scene is processed.”

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    I was wondering if the motorcycle helmet contributes to some of these collisions if not all.
    could it be said that the helmet is restrictive.

    Points for Helmets:
    Pervents you hair getting wet during a rain shower.
    Restricts identity for some.

    Points Against Helmets:
    Does not prevent brain damage.
    Restricts periferal vision.
    Adds to windage.
    Restricts hearing.
    Added weight to the head.
    Visor accumulates rain drops also restricts vision.
    Tinted visors restricts vision ,much worse at night.

    There are two types of motorcycle riding gear:

    “T” shirt .
    Flip flops

    Bright Visual over jacket.
    Proper Leather gloves
    Padded Waterproof Riding Jacket with sleves
    Long pants.
    Eye protection.
    Proper shoes.

    You have a choice>>>Hot bath is a Hospital or a refreshing shower at home.

    If you are not riding with “due care” and paying attension, nothing is going to protect you or other road users.

    If the Great State of Florida there is no law on the books requiring/compelling motorcycle riders to wear helmets.
    You can get a ticket for not wearing eye protection,a bike wind screen is not considdered eye protrection.

    The wearing of a motorcycle helmet should be a “personal choice”, a white or silver helmets are cooler and can be seen at night.

    The car driver will always say, every time “I did not see him” .

    Ride defensively. Loud bikes do not save lives.