Traffic Through Flatts Diverted Due To Collision

December 3, 2017 | 21 Comments

[Updated] Emergency services responded to a collision tonight [Dec 3] located on North Shore Road in Flatts which resulted in two cars sustaining damage and blocking both lanes of the road.

Police diverted traffic away from the scene at nearby junctions while the vehicles were removed by tow truck. We unofficially understand more than one person was injured and transported to King Edward Memorial Hospital for treatment. Further details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update Dec 4, 11.43am: A police spokesperson said, “Around 7:45pm Sunday, December 3rd police and first responders were dispatched to a reported two car collision along North Shore Road, Smith’s parish in the area of Flatts Village.

“Two people were initially trapped in one of the vehicles involved but were later extracted, conscious and breathing. Their injuries are not believed to be life threatening and an update on the condition of both individuals is anticipated in due course.

“Traffic was diverted away from the area until the scene was processed and the damaged cars towed away. Inquiries continue and any witnesses are asked to contact the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

Collision Cars Flatts Bermuda, December 3 2017_2

Collision Cars Flatts Bermuda, December 3 2017_2-2

Collision Cars Flatts Bermuda, December 3 2017_2-5

Collision in Flatts Dec 3 2017 (1)

Collision in Flatts Dec 3 2017 (2)

Collision in Flatts Dec 3 2017 (3)

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  1. JohnBoy says:

    What is going on? Seriously??!!

    • Tracy says:

      I’ve been told by many a driver that you can’t go the speed limit because if you do you will cause an accident. You have to go with the flow of traffic. My guess is that our flow speed is in the vicinity of about 50 to 55 kph now, which is way too fast for our roads.
      My first question is, who dictates the flow speed of traffic on our roads? Government, road users? We need to stop pointing fingers and making excuses for our lapses in judgment. If we as road users can’t for ourselves make the sensible decision to go the legal speed limit (which by the way is 35 kph), we deserve to have the choice taken from us. Maybe it’s time Government step up and control the flow speed for us. How you might ask? Well, they’ve tried speed bumps but these haven’t deterred us; higher speeding fines haven’t discouraged us either and allowing higher powered vehicles onto our roads has only increased the problem. Now we sit behind powerful engines and become impatient when we get “stuck” behind someone going 45 kph. It is sad but true, the few people (if they even exist) that actually go the speed limit of 35 kph are criticized and bullied by impatient road hogs, that follow too closely behind and make rude hand gestures as they pass. Ok, any government would probably be very unpopular if they were to ban fancy high powered vehicles and force us to drive around in golf carts, small electric vehicles and nothing over a 50 cc bike, but realistically these would be a better fit for our narrow winding roads. Most likely we’d speed in these as well. I believe the only alternative would be to allow us to keep our fancy high powered vehicles but install speed control devices into them so that we can’t speed anymore. My next question would be, is our government brave enough to do this? I would hope so, and we would have no right to complain if they do. Government should make it compulsory that all vehicles (with the exception of emergency vehicles) be fitted with such devices and if you’re caught tampering with the device you should lose the privilege to ride/dive on our roads and or pay a hefty fee. We need to ask ourselves (the motoring public) if we really want safer roads. If we do, we also need to step up. We need to slow down, the flow speed is generated by us, so to use it as an excuse for speeding is ludicrous! We would not be seeing this kind of vehicle destruction, personal injury and death on our roads if we were all doing the right thing. If we can’t control our speed then Government will have to step in and control it for us.

  2. Half hot says:

    Hate to say it, and hope they’re ok. BUT that kind of damage don’t happen doing our speed limit!
    Anyone seen our transport minister! He was going to stop these things from happening.

    • Lucy says:

      With the holiday season in gear, people are drinking and driving.

      The police need to do breath analyzers on the drivers of the vehicles.

    • Whistling Frog says:

      So you expect the transport minister to transform himself into a Ghost Buster? Maybe a third speed bump is required in the Village…

      • Half hot says:

        Guess you didn’t hear all his going to do leading up to the election. Guess something’s should be left unsaid.

    • free gas says:

      This is very near where the speed hump is, so very unlikely to do with speed, unless someone decided to get air over it!

      Unless it was a medical issue or mechanical issue, poor driving by one of the parties was likely the result.

    • wahoo says:

      Agree that is a lot of damage especially considering that area has two big speed bumps let alone the narrow road which would ordinarily make people drive a little slower. Who is the transport minister anyway?

  3. Herb Adderley says:

    In Flatts!!!!
    A narrow supposedly slow traffic area and with that much damage?
    The fines for speeding need to be raised substantially along with vehicle confiscating when excessively speeding

  4. Truth says:

    no wonder insurance is gone up

  5. Time will Tell says:

    One of the true tell tale signs that there’s a holiday in Bermuda is the increase in road accidents.

  6. Seascape says:

    Bermuda – SLOW DOWN! This is now daily.

  7. Enough is enough says:

    We need speed cameras… Also, roadside sobriety tests? Are we going to tackle this problem seriously? Otherwise I’m going into either the insurance or tow truck business, or both!

    • Andrew says:

      The insurance business? Really…so you think that these accidents impact the insurance companies positively? All the thousands of dollars in vehicle damage, and not to mention the sometimes millions of dollars in injury claims…

    • Bruce says:

      No, we don’t need a whole lot of stuff like new cameras or speed cameras, we just need to ENFORCE the laws we already have in place, follow through with prosecutions, 3 strikes confiscate vehicle even if it’s someone else’s. Lots can be done just no one’s willing to do it.

  8. Onion says:

    Every time I drive anywhere I see someone do something stupid. Bermuda has too many vehicles on the road. People are too impatient. And drive too fast. And then there are the A-holes who drive drunk. If congestion wasn’t so bad then maybe people wouldn’t be so impatient. If the taxi service even existed maybe people wouldn’t drive drunk. Many issues at play here.

    • HW says:

      Nonsense. Anyone who can afford to get drunk can afford a taxi. They simply choose not to get one because they know there’s little to no chance they’ll get caught drunk driving home.

      Obviously personal responsibility is an issue in Bermuda and the police can’t be everywhere. But there simply is no deterrent to drunk driving. A fine and possibly a bit of time off the roads. And that’s only IF you get caught which is a low percentage of the time. There are literally hundreds of people who consistently driving drunk every weekend. They’ve done it for years so they see no problem with it.

      What we need is to have a larger traffic force and they need road side sobriety tests. If i can spot drunks on the road then the police could easily get them if they had more police. The punishment for drunk driving needs to be excessive and painful to the offender. The problem is as a society most of us downplay how bad or dangerous it is. I hear it all the time: “well, come on- we’ve all done it!” 1- no. I never have. 2- so what if that were true? It’s the very same as taking a loaded gun and firing random shots off. Driving drunk is deadly.

      Make offenders not only pay a ridiculous fine, make them take classes for weeks at a time to show them the results of drunk driving. Make them do excessive amounts of community service. Make them cut the hedges along the roadsides with an apron on marking them as a drunk driving offender. I’m serious- it should be a SHAMEFUL thing with shameful consequences. The law is a teacher and if the punishments are not a deterrent, then people will continue to roll the dice.

      • PBanks says:

        A MP in Barbados suggested a driving skills academy that traffic offenders would need to go to if their licence was suspended for whatever reason. I think that has merit – just make sure that it’s done at the user’s expense, not the taxpayer’s.

    • nerema says:

      It’s nothing to do with traffic congestion. The standard of driving is equally bad (if not worse) when the roads are almost empty – at night, for example, or during the middle of the day, when there is no congestion.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        *or during the middle of the day, when there is no congestion.*

        Ha ! you must be stuck inside an office between 8.30am and 7pm every day .

        The traffic on the roads is numbing all the time . On a ‘country road’ I often can’t get out of my gate until 45 – 55 vehicles have gone by , and that’s between 10am and 3 pm any day of the week AND weekends and even when there’s no schools in !

        The belief that there’s now less traffic on the roads than there was 7 years ago is a total myth .

  9. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    This morning, I decided to drive through the city and have come to the conclusion there is a” king of the road” no care attitude out there amongst some the bike riding public.

    The pedesrtrians are no better, they think the they can just walk out on to a zebra crossing and expect the trafict to stop on a dime, some don’t even use the crossing.


    where were the Trafic Police ? two of them going west on new motorcycles doing 60 + and we all know that the concept of racing after trafic does not work. MOTOROLA.

    This psychological problem ,goes this way, with some drivers.

    ” Me first :::::
    ” Never me second ” :::::
    and if there is any thing left over
    “Me again “:::::::

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