BSSF All-Star Football Teams Announced

January 19, 2018

The 2018 Bermuda School Sports Federation All Star Weekend will conclude on Saturday [Jan 20] at the National Sports Centre with the all star football matches. The day gets underway at 11:00am with the Primary School Girls match and ends with the Senior School Boys match at 6:45pm.

The West will go into the Primary School girls game with players from the knock out champions Warwick Academy and runners up Saltus Grammar School, and the East will feature players representing six a side champions Harrington Sound Primary.

The West will again be favourite to win the primary school boys match as they will be represented by the cup winners Warwick Academy led by recent KPMG Front Street Mile winner Nayan Grant. Also representing the west will be six a side champions Saltus Grammar School, while the Elliot Primary contingent which finished second in the six a side tournament and knock out cup will lead the charge for the east

The West will be favored to lift the title in the middle school girls match with goal scoring phenom Eleanor Richmond from Warwick Academy leading the charge. Richmond has scored at will all season and capped off her year with a four goal performance in the knock out cup final.

Under 17 national team midfielder Emily Cabral from T. N. Tatem will captain the west team and will be joined by fellow under 17 players Zemira Webb from Warwick Academy and Che’Chulae Dowling from T. N. Tatem.

The east will rely on the BHS striking duo of Katelyn Medeiros and T’aja Williams. Only Warwick Academy prevented BHS from winning silver ware as they finished second in the league, knockout and six a side tournament.

Whitney Institute enjoyed an undefeated league campaign in the middle school boys division while also winning the six a side tournament. They will be represented with seven players including attacking threats Deniche’ Hill, Kahzi Sealey and Dante’ Scraders while relying on Lazai Outerbridge to shore up the defense.

Owen Botelho from Mount Saint Agnes and Hunter Outerbridge from Somersfield Academy will be players to watch out for in the middle of the park for the east. Whitney’s lone loss came against Saltus Grammar School in the knock out cup final. They lead the west team with five players including attacker Noah Simmons Botelho and defensive anchor Cody Robinson.

The west will also feature recent Front Street Mile winner Sancho Smith from T.N.Tatem and midfield marshall Eijaz Shakir and attacking threats Kynde’ Mallory and Keyni Mills from league runners up Sandy’s Secondary Middle School.

The senior school girls and boys matches will see a different format. Teams were selected to create two equal teams and players from the same schools will see each other as opponents and not teammates. The girls match will feature many of the under 17 national players and a few under 20 players.

The red team will be led by under 20 midfielder Teyah Lindo from CedarBridge Academy and will rely on Berkeley’s Adia Gibbons in the attacking third of the field.

Saltus goalkeeper Emily Illston and defenders Tia Burrows and Koa Goodchild will be hard at work to contain an explosive attacking line from the blue team lead by Berkeley pair Jya Ratteray Smith and Ryley Simmons along with under 20 winger Jade Stewart from CedarBridge Academy.

The midfield will be marshalled by Trinea Edwards from CedarBridge along while under 17 captain Danni Watson From Saltus will lead the defense. The senior boys game will feature regular premier and first division players. PHC goalkeeper Quinaceo Hunt will return to the stadium where he recently earned his first international cap to lead the blue team.

The blue team will also feature Devonshire Cougars’ duo Sherwin jones from Saltus and Damion Simmons and PHC regulars Jalun Hassell, Jaheim Iris and Jenico Sealey from CedarBridge Academy. Dandy Town goalkeeper Jaden Manders will backup school mate Hunt in goal for the blue team. The red team feature Robin Hood pair Zuhri Burgess from Impact Mentoring Academy and Neil Figureido from Saltus.

The also feature a few of the bright young stars of the first division with Berkeley’s D’Andre Wainwright from Somerset Eagles and Mical Hartman from BAA. Devonshire colts will also be well represented with CedarBridge Academy’s Jahkeylo Burgess and the Saltus contingent of Matteo Isaac, Ashan Hart and Brandon O’Connor. PHC front man Keishon Bean from CedarBridge Academy will also be counted on to lead the attack for the red team.

Primary Girls East Team

  • Zuri Swan, Christia Lugo-Elibox – St. David’s Primary
  • Breanna Medeiros, Amelie Hernandez Pichardo– Harrington Sound Primary
  • J’Naz Richards – Victor Scott Primary
  • Sydney Santos, Kemari Cox – Prospect Primary
  • Imogen Judd, Hannah Taylor, Kennedy Kowalwski , Robin Valana Pearman – Somersfield Academy
  • Primary Girls West Team
  • Camryn Lines, Courtney Sims, Ella Younie- Bermuda high School
  • Aureeyana Litchmore – Heron Bay Primary
  • Juliana Vieira – Purvis Primary
  • Ella Newton, Stasia Spurling, Giana Cedenio – Saltus Grammar School
  • Izzy Simmons, Bella Charleson, Isabella Sousa – Warwick Academy
  • Empress O’Loughlin – West End Primary
  • Ceyarie Jackson, Ny’Asia White – West Pembroke Primary

Primary Boys East Team

  • Amari Peniston – Northlands Primary School
  • Ishe Hunidzarira, Olek Lipsink – Mount Saint Agnes Academy
  • Isis Hayward, St. David’s Primary School
  • Sa-Qui Robinson, Tajahri Rogers, Rahkeem Wilson – Prospect Primary
  • Daion Swan-Desilva, Khari Sharrieff, Dazari Tait – Elliot Primary
  • Zaedyn Philpott, NiZeko Outerbridge, Skyler Young – Harrington Sound Primary
  • Elias Carpol, Rayjun Hart – Somersfield Academy
  • Nazarie Dailey – Victor Scott Primary

Primary Boys West Team

  • Zachary Brown – Gilbert Institute
  • Nijae Aberdeen, Nahki DeShields , Jayden Symons – Paget Primary
  • Xahvi DeRosa, Alessio Ferigo, Nayan Grant – Warwick Academy
  • Zias Smith – West Pembroke
  • Qur’an Raynor, Tristan Robinson – Port Royal
  • Josef Ferreira – Purvis Primary
  • Jace Donawa, Michari Tear-Deleon = West End Primary
  • James Morrison, Essien Binns – Saltus

Middle Girls East

  • Terrinae Trott, Shye Blair-Paynter [Clearwater]
  • Kenshae’ Richardson, Jahde’ Simmons, Jahni Simmons [Whitney Institute Middle School]
  • Sarai Richardson, Myeisha Sharrieff [Somersfield Academy]
  • Chanz Godwin, Gennet Bean, Keara Dill, Elishae’ Smith, Daeriaka Grant [Dellwood Middle School]
  • Katelyn Mederios, Zorena Anderson, T’aja Williams [Bermuda High School]
  • Christianna Warren [Mount Saint Agnes Academy]

Middle Girls West Team

  • Jailyn Boddington, Lauren Cardwell, Caroline Driscoll, Jade Johnson – Saltus Grammar School
  • Ramiah Brangman, Marli Butterfield, Azra Shakir – Sandys Secondary Middle School
  • Emily Cabral, Che’Chulae Dowling, Ariana Fox, Massassi Smith – T. N.Tatem Middle School
  • Constance Betts, Taylor Crichlow, Tayla Horan, Eleanor Richmond, Zemira Webb – Warwick Academy

Middle Boys East Team

  • Jacob Hodder, Owen Bodelho, Adriano Raymon-Lipinski – Mount Saint Agnes Academy
  • Hunter OuterBridge – Somersfield Academy
  • Milai Perott, Camaje’ Easton-Smith, Jahre’ Blakeney, Adrian Trott, Naji Bean – Dellwood Middle School
  • Lazai Outerbridge, Jelani Simmons, Dante’ Scraders, Deniche’ Hill, Zhani Burgess, Kahzi Sealey, Zyray Brangman – Whitney Institute Middle School

Middle Boys West Team

  • Cody Robinson, Jared Lines, Ben Osset, Michael Outerbridge, Noah Simmons Botelho – Saltus Grammar School
  • Sam Williamson, Andre Mussenden, Thierry Burgess – Warwick Academy
  • Sekai Tatem, Zijae’ Jones, Keshon Paynter, Jehzion Brown, Sancho Smith – T. N. Tatem Middle School
  • Nkenge Durham, Kynde’ Mallory, Keyni Mills, Eijaz Shakir – Sandy’s Secondary Middle School

Senior Girls Red Team:

  • Emily Illston, Tia Burrows, Koa Goodchild, Selah Tuzo, McKenna O’Donnell – Saltus Grammar School
  • Teyah Lindo, Se’lah Ray, Jahdiah Symonds, MaKayla Robinson – CedarBridge Academy
  • Camryn Swan, Talae Quinn, Messiah Greaves – Bermuda High School
  • Adia Gibbons, Zahra Wilson, Gemma Lindsay – Berkeley Institute
  • Sofia Welmer – Warwick Academy

Senior Girls Blue Team:

  • Gaiya Melakot, Jadae Steede-Hill, Jya Ratteray-Smith, Ryley Simmons, DaZarre’ Place, Jazae Smith – Berkeley Insitute
  • Danni Watson, Lindsay Pacheco, Za’Kayza Parsons – Saltus Grammar School
  • Asreal Basden, Jade Stewart, Trinae Edwards, Ka’Ri Richards – CedarBridge Academy
  • Camille Chin Gurret, Yasmin DeGraff – Warwick Academy

Senior Boys Red Team:

  • Keitaro Darrell, Jahkeylo Burgess, Giano Liburd, Q’Shai Darrell – CedarBridge Academy
  • Matteo Isaac, Ashan Hart, Brandon O’Connor, Leo Harris – Saltus Grammar School
  • Patrick Quinn – Warwick Academy
  • Zuhri Burgess – Impact Mentoring
  • Jahdae Wade, DeAndre’ Ball, D’Andre Wainwright, Jinairo Johnson, Mical Hartman, Che-Kai Zuill, Arnezha’ Astwood – Berkeley Institute

Senior Boys Blue Team:

  • Neil Figureido, Sherwin Jones – Saltus Grammar School
  • Jalun Hassell, Omar Wilson, Jah-Von Morgan, Keishon Bean – CedarBridge Academy
  • Dylan Pedro, Leo Forte – Warwick Academy
  • Jaheim Iris, Jenico Sealey, JeZe Butterfield, Nizigh Spence, Damion Simmons, Samario Valasse-Paul, Jahseiko Richardson-Martin, Quinaceo Hunt, Seon Tatem – Berkeley Institute

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