Customs Awareness Events Begin On Sunday

January 20, 2018

In the lead up to International Customs Day, which is Friday, January 26th, the Customs Department will be hosting number of events to raise awareness about their work.

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And the Collector of Customs, Lucinda Pearman is inviting members of the public to participate in the week of activities, which includes their annual open house, a church service and the annual Colin Smith Run, Walk, Ride Fun Race.

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Mrs. Pearman said, “The Customs Department continues to play an important role in the Bermuda economy and our mission is to promote compliance with Bermuda’s customs laws through quality service and responsible enforcement, thereby contributing to the economic and social stability of our community.

“Our staff and officers are responsible for facilitating trade, assessing and collecting revenue and interdicting drugs and other contraband. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the public to come to our Annual Open House on January 23rd, and a Customs Officer Awareness Day on January 25th to learn more about who we are and what we do.”

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The week starts with Officers attending an 11.00 a.m. church service tomorrow, January 21st at the St. Paul’s AME Church.

On Tuesday, January 23rd, there will be an Open House at The Pier [#6 Cruise Ship Terminal – Upper Level], Front Street where there will be a series of displays and demonstrations. The public will have an opportunity to interact with Customs Officers and ask any questions they may have.

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On Wednesday, January 24th, the annual Colin Smith Run, Walk, Ride Fun Race, named in honor of the former Senior Customs Officer, will start at 9.00 a.m. from Clearwater Beach car park to the L.F. Wade International Airport Cargo Shed, and members of the public are encouraged to participate.

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This year, Customs will host for the first time an “Awareness Day”, which will see Customs Officers take to the streets of Hamilton on Thursday, January 25th between 11.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m.

“Officers will express their appreciation to the public and raise the level of awareness of the Customs Department and the important role they play in Bermuda,” a spokesperson said.

“The week will conclude with the 2nd Annual T.D. Robinson Golf Tournament.”

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  1. Spanner breath says:

    The custom officers out the airport need some smile lessons, especially the cashiers. I’m Bermudian and used to it but the tourist must be left with a bad first impression.

    • VJ says:

      If they stand around grinning, who’s going to take them seriously? I travel the world over, and the Customs officials don’t smile anywhere else. Why do we expect them to do it here?

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Well you would kind of expect it from a place that touts itself as having the most friendly , kind , helpful , generous ,well mannered , polite , sweetest , (I’m running out of adjectives) people !

        • VJ says:

          That’s not their job. They’re Customs agents, not Tourism agents. When will you people get it right?

          • Toodle-oo says:

            Believe it or not we’re ALL in the tourism business.
            Something ‘you people ‘ haven’t yet figured out .

      • RBYC member says:

        I travel every month twice for business and not all of them are bad. Some of them ask to many question at the passport control. You can blame the plp mister of immigration for that. He’s the one that controls that section the buck stops at the top.

  2. puzzled says:

    When you get paid all det munnee and do jack you only smile at cousins….

  3. facts of the rock says:

    some people believe anything they are told!

  4. Pn says:

    They definitely could have a better attitude…also its always so nice coming back home and having to list every single pissy item you purchased abroad… You want 25% off of my box of qtips I purchased?really are we that piss poor..leave ppl alone..never experienced such ridiculous scrutiny I’m any other country..

  5. Think again says:

    When I come back they also ask me where did I go! I nicely tell them it’s non of their business your job is to question me on if I have anything to declare. Yes or NO.

  6. Oh great says:

    These pictures do not show a true representation