Four Videos: Bermuda’s “Out Here” TV Spots

January 28, 2018

MMGY Global — which was selected by the Bermuda Tourism Authority as an advertising agency partner in 2015 –recently posted four videos advertising Bermuda on their Youtube account, with the videos titled Out Here 19th Hole TV Spot, Out Here Raft Up TV Spot, Out Here Bike TV Spot, and Out Here Fishing Boat TV Spot.

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  1. R Thomas says:

    Some of these are so unrealistic!! Why don’t you use Hubert Smith’s “Bermuda Is Another World” to draw attention to the ad. You always hear “One Love” for Jamaica’s. We need to identify Bermuda better! One ad I don’t see is a person swimming in Crystal Caves which is a no, no!! And since when did I ever see someone relaxing in a rubber ring in Hamilton Harbor, the same route as the ferries! These footages need to be more realistic! Use more culturally related photo shoots!!

    Further, why are Seniors left out? We do have Seniors who are financially able to travel to Bermuda in the off season. Why leave them out of the picture.

    • Dolphinately says:

      And infants! What about rich infants who are also financially able to travel to Bermuda in the off season? Why leave them out of the picture?

      Or Leona Helmsley’s dog? That dog inherited $12 million. There are certainly others. We have dogs that are financially able to travel to Bermuda in the off season. Why leave them out of the picture?

    • wahoo juice says:

      Jamaica? I can tell you that the ads I have seen for Jamaica aren’t a pure reflection of the reality there. Clearly a person did get towed in a rubber ring I saw de video.

      More seriously though I think any add should start with a map depicting the U.S. East Coast and Bermuda’s proximity to it and flight times from the major cities. The ads above show beautiful scenery and people having a good time which is what people want in a destination but they also want ease of access which we have.

    • LONG LIVE says:

      Songs not catchy

  2. Tide watcher says:

    Tourism authority needs to get real. I agree, why one love? we cant claim that or are we Jamaican?

    • Yeah Whatever says:

      I think they are promoting the One love Idea as in everyone should love everyone…SSM couples included

  3. Hmm says:

    Because currently seniors are Bermuda’s biggest demographic in terms of visitors. Why market to seniors when they’re a) our largest traveler by volume and b) it’s unsustainable because unfortunately people do die. Better to market the island to younger folks to increase the current demographic of Bermuda travellers (increase visitors) and to make the industry sustainable in terms of visitor numbers into the long term future. The young people who come to Bermuda and love it will continue to do so for the duration of their lives, similar to how all the seniors visit Bermuda now because it was a popping destination 30-40 years ago and because of college weeks. You can see the BTA trying to duplicate a similar pattern by marketing to younger people and attracting university sporting teams. Kudos to the BTA. Keep up the good work!

  4. dejavu says:

    why would they use a advertising agency with such a small following…who exactly will see those videos an come here if they have a couple thousands views….an the use of a song already in the come to Jamaica ads is just sad….reminds me of the time Bermuda tourism tried to use a picture from Hawaii an claim it was Bermuda

    • Yeah Whatever says:

      who follows advertising agencies? lol. People follow the networks the agencies get the ads on.

  5. puzzled says:

    Agree 100% with the previous comments.

  6. St. D says:

    I like the spots. Indie acoustic music. Bermudian accent. Yes they are targeting young audience because 1. those are the people that will grow our tourism and 2. most seniors don’t want to go an “old” destination. While they like their peace and quiet, they still are young in spirit.

    Are they realistic? Well, realistic in that they could realistically be memories our visitors leave with.

    Good job.

  7. Free Advice says:

    Each adv needs to show how close Bda is to the USA. Many people believe Bda is in the Caribean with the rest of the Islands. That’s why so many people cancelled Sept with the hurricanes that struck.