Government To Show Budget Speech Online

February 15, 2018

In what they bill as an “historic move,” the Speaker of the House of Assembly Dennis Lister has given permission for a portion of the proceedings of Friday’s sitting of the House of Assembly to be shown on the Government of Bermuda’s social media page.

“The Government television station CITV, will use Facebook Live, allowing Bermudians, at home and around the world, to watch the reading of the Budget Statement for the first time,” the Government stated.

The Speaker stated, “I have granted permission for the Budget Statement, which will be read on Friday 16 February 2018, by the Premier and Minister of Finance, the Hon. David Burt, JP, MP, to be recorded and shared on social media. To ensure fairness, I made the same offer to the Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister of Finance, Mrs. Jeanne Atherden, JP, MP, to have the Budget Reply, which will be read on Friday 23 February 2018, recorded by CITV and aired on social media.

“I encourage all Bermudians to log on and watch the proceedings from the House of Assembly live. I welcome feedback from the general public as we work to make the proceedings of the House of Assembly accessible to all.”

Local media will not be permitted to stream online, with the Government citing space constraints, however the Government said local “media is encouraged to share the Government’s Facebook Live feed on their social media pages. “

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  1. jeremy deacon says:

    I have a bit of a problem when state subsidized media outlet are allowed to get the FB hits/kudos etc while other media, who have to hustle to generate revenue to keep themselves going are simply asked to share the link ….

    • Yahweh says:

      Yes, agree here. Less about feeling sorry for the regular media, just concerning that first steps here leads to something much worse.