Bermuda Ball Hockey: Calgary & Ottawa Win

March 31, 2018

Eight goals were scored in the latest round of the Bermuda Ball Hockey League going on at the PCC Hockey Rink.

Toronto Maple Leafs 1 Calgary Flames 3

In the opener the Calgary Flames defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs 3 – 1, the Calgary Flames got single strikes from JM Tremblay, Richard Campbell and Jeffrey Loper, while Jordan Gunter scored the lone goal for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Ottawa Senators 3 Vancouver Canucks 1

The Ottawa Senators would defeat the Vancouver Canucks 3 – 1 in the nightcap, Cameron Poland would lead the Ottawa Senators to victory with two goals, while Ed Sweeney added the other, Peter Miller scored the lone goal for the Vancouver Canucks.


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