Bus Service Resumes After ‘Work Stoppage’

March 14, 2018

Earlier today “there was a suspension of work by staff at the Department of Public Transportation” and the “dispute was worked through” and the “work stoppage has now ended,” the Government has confirmed.

A Government spokesperson said, “Earlier today, there was a suspension of work by staff at the Department of Public Transportation.

“A dispute was worked through with the cooperation of the Bermuda Industrial Union, the DPT management and the workers.

“The work stoppage has now ended. Bus service and other operations have resumed. Rush hour service is expected as per normal.

“School buses are resuming, although there are delays to be expected, with first priority being given to primary school students.

“There is an agreed commitment to work on the issues that have been raised.

“The DPT apologises for any inconvenience experienced by the travelling public.”

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    Lots of good people looking for work that won’t walk off the job for no good reason

    • mixitup says:

      And where in this article was the reason given? Maybe I missed it..?? With that, I’ll reserve my judgement…But maybe thats just me.

      • Southampton says:

        The work stoppage was because someone couldn’t take a potty break.

      • The reason they wont walk off de job is because they would accept anything and be treated any way and deny their workers rights that they inherited from those who suffered inhumane working conditions and abusive behaviour.
        Its called Globalization(cheap labour).

      • Southampton says:

        Did somebody miss their potty break?

  2. Hey says:

    Bermuda’s public transportation system is a joke…smh

    • Created says:

      PTB and the Union has been a joke for 15+ years. But then again, so have many government run departments. Abuse is rampant.

      Every other month I seem to have some silly survey from government to fill out and nothing is ever done with that information. Just another way to create jobs for people. It costs us millions to compile information that is rarely made public, not always factual. and costs us millions (to run the department) for information that we do NOTHING with.

      You want to open some eyes and start a REAL F’N conversationabout where we waste money in this country. Have the PTB and government offices release information on the average amount of “sick days” each worker takes. Compare that to the private sector. I’m not even convinced that this info is even accurately captured by HR.

      A few years ago when it was made public that Bus Operators can accumulate up to something like 100 sick days a year I was on a #7 bus when one of our seniors was on a bus talking to another passenger about this same topic. The driver overheard, got annoyed and decided it was a good idea to raise his voice and announce that she didn’t understand what it was like to work with the public on a bus where germs were everywhere making it more likely to get sick. The passenger smiled and told him that she worked as a nurse at KEMH for something like 30 years (I don’t remember exactly) and then at a doctors office for another 10+ years before retiring. and knew a little about working around germs. She said fortunately for us our doctors and nurses (that are surrounded by sick people), and she mentioned our teachers as well don’t use the same excuses and take advantage of the system like bus drivers do. Lets just say there were a few claps from a few passengers and the driver remained quiet.

      • Busted says:

        There you go. PLP BIU nastiness.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        100 sick days?! WTF most private sector people get a week at most! Jokes….

  3. Wahoo says:

    “Issues”? What issues?

  4. puzzled says:

    Back to norm.
    Soon there will be more leaving as this continues.

  5. Mark says:

    Wait. I thought the plp was tight with their right wing foot soldiers?

  6. facts of the rock says:

    the plp and biu are out of control and NOT what the founding fathers intended,it’s past time they were disbanded.

    The DPT needs to be abolished and Transport for Bermuda as a PRIVATE business.

    • mixitup says:

      ^^This comment here says it all, if you can read between the lines^^

      Maybe you missed the past four years where not a thing was done to support the DPT (not to mention Trash Collection) nor the people that use it… The PTB was being primed for Privitisation, Starve it of finances and watch it implode, now Privitise and control it.. That’s if they had won..

      That department has been starved of leadership and proper finances for long enough. I don’t blame the drivers, but I do have faith that this Gov’t will sort it out.

      • Wahoo says:

        You fail to see that they have no regard for the public when they stop work like this. All they can say is that it is “solidarity” for other members. Even if your conspiracy theory above was right the public need more respect than has been shown.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        This government can’t even fix a trash schedule but you want them to fix the public transportation system?! You’re a joker just as much as them LMFAO!!!

  7. Gustav says:

    3rd World Country

  8. rodeny smith says:

    PLP , Welcome to the real world . As long as you are dealing with people , there will be problems . And yes , they may even march against you in the future . You may be in the same party , but there are no guarantees .That’s life.

    • I dont know what rock you have been hiding under but when they were Government last time, there were work stoppage.
      But at least they are being Transparent and dialoging with the people.
      Unlike your one term party.

  9. Spanner breath says:

    Thanks again voters. Well done.
    Can’t wait to see the new kitted out BUS.

    • Bus stop cowboy says:

      Hey if you take the “U” out BUS you get BS. Let us think of the U as in Union.

  10. Joey Bag O'Doughnuts says:

    Unions. Legalized extortion.

  11. Warlord2 says:


  12. jt says:

    How is the cost saving and more efficient new schedule coming?

  13. Imjustsaying says:

    They stopped working because some mechanics were not getting what they wanted. How immature is that? You inconvenienced the traveling public and cause some workers to be late for their shift just for that. That’s something children would do. Ridiculous SMH!

  14. Kevin says:

    Its not a strike it was a misunderstanding …depends on the shades you look through love the spin these guys are good , not smart but great spin doctors.
    stay tuned much more to come

  15. Roger Lambert says:

    I’ll put my bottom dollar up that this reason for the work stoppage didn’t just surface today unless there was a rash, non communicative decision by management. The workers have been known to Talk a fair bit before downing tools for a number of years now. Have You heard of J C C? You who are quick to condemn the Workers!

    • jt says:

      So what you’re saying is that this walk out followed the terms of their CBA?

  16. Major Insurgence says:

    What is Burt doing about this? Heck, where the hell is Burt? Has Ewart not told him what to do yet this week? What does the Minister for Transport say? Hello? Hello? Anyone there???

    • BUTTCONS says:

      Too busy chasing after bitcoins, which will literally generate 0 dollars in revenue for teh econmy ten years down the road after we have spent millions “researching” it. National Security Minister pissing about with bitcoin. what a joke. ROad Safety, Drink Driving, Regiment, whatever else, is what he should be doing. Gangs drugs etc. But no, chasing after so bullcrap bitcoin.

      Sorry, the technology is great, but its absolutely NOT something Bermuda should be trying to get involved in, its future is one of technology, not of money.

  17. Alan says:

    Privatize the whole thing.

  18. Coffee says:

    So I hear that the mechanics are frustrated and tired of dirty , smoking busses going out to take fares . I hear that for some reason , drivers continue to smash windows and the Bermuda government is having hell to keep the required items in stock .

    I hear that the Bermuda government is seeking qualified airconditioning maintainance personnel , as the current local guys are not cool enough to handle the job .

    I hear that there is a serious destabelising element working in and amongst the established and non compliant paternal mechanical leadership .

    I hear that the REAL reason behind this stoppage is more personal than it is work related …and that the faux outrage is but a childish smoke screen in some juvenile power struggle against mentally stronger MEN .

    I hear all this while I quietly eat lunch at the golf course next door .

  19. Comfortably numb says:

    The tail is wagging the dog (again!).

  20. WTF says:

    To hear the Minister saying it was not a strike is the most bizarre thing the PLP has uttered this week! A work stoppage is a strike. We are not all fools.

  21. Ty says:

    :) You guys are not being fair to our valued Minister of Transport. He said that some of the reason for the stoppage was because there was no-one on site to pump gas. LOL LOL LOL LOL – I actually can’t (but can) believe he said that. We are ALL 5 years old to your minister. LOL LOL LOL.

    On another note – today – 15th March at 8:30am I watched the trash truck come to my neighborhood – as they were literally FLINGING the trash bags into the back (from maybe 6 to 7 feet away) one of the bags busted open. I’ll give you one guess as to what happened after that………absolutely nothing. LOL LOL LOL. WooHoo PLP. Proud of you.

  22. spanner breath says:

    Get rid of the minister, he has been in office almost 8 months, and Ill give him the benefit on this question . But he nor anyone could tell me TWO positive things or beneficial hes done since being voted in.
    Time to go.

  23. Athena says:

    There was a cruise ship in Dockyard for one day. No buses available for transportation because tools downed.

    Because of this nonsense, which does not uphold the CBA we are going to end up shooting ourselves in the foot again. The passengers on this ship are on a worldwide cruise. Pretty sure we’re not going to get any good reviews from them.

    Time the unions abide by their CBA’s or we privatize.