CTO Assist With Island’s Cybersecurity Strategy

March 18, 2018

Minister of National Security Wayne Caines recently met with members of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation [CTO], who were on island to assist with Bermuda’s cybersecurity strategy.

The CTO is an intergovernmental organisation whose core functions include research & assignment services, training & capacity building and conducting knowledge-sharing events.

Dr. Marisa Stones, Director of IPI, Minister Jamahl Simmons, Ronnie Viera, Chair of the Cybersecurity Working Group, Minister Walter Roban, Minister Wayne Caines, Stu Daniels, Security Manager, IDT, Minister Lovitta Foggo, Dr. Martin Koyabe, CTO Head of Technical Support & Consultancy Division, Michael Tucker, Deputy Chair, E-Commerce Advisory Board.


It has extensive, in-depth, international experience of working with Information Communication and Technology [ICT] ministries, regulatory authorities and private-sector stakeholders on national Cybersecurity strategies, national ICT strategies, regulatory frameworks, strategic planning for regulatory authorities and ICT ministries, eGovernance and regulatory and operational capacity building.

Minister Caines said, “The CTO is working closely with the Department of ICT Policy and Innovation, specifically related to creating a robust Cybersecurity framework for Bermuda.

“Last week, the CTO was on island supporting Bermuda, by providing technical assistance to the Cybersecurity Working Group for the development of Bermuda’s National Cybersecurity Strategy.

“The activities included conducting a series of workshops with relevant stakeholders to assess the cybersecurity maturity of Bermuda and facilitating a series of strategic planning sessions with stakeholders to develop strategic objectives of the first draft of Bermuda’s National Cybersecurity Strategy.”

Minister Caines continued, “The goal of the sessions was to facilitate open dialogue and brainstorming among the stakeholders in order to identify gaps in Bermuda’s current cybersecurity posture. The process has assisted us in identifying key needs, gaps, and opportunities most pertinent to Bermuda’s cyber-ecosystem.

“The discussions have resulted in the development of the draft strategy and the identification of solutions for addressing priority needs. This included consideration of resource requirements, dependencies, potential roles, responsibilities, mechanisms and commitments to realize the proposed cybersecurity strategy.

“Following the completion of the workshops, the CTO team will continue to work with the Cybersecurity Working Group to finalise the draft National Cybersecurity Strategy. A consultative process will then follow to ensure that the final National Cybersecurity Strategy is based on a shared vision.

“The draft Cybersecurity Strategy Report will be presented to all stakeholders, including those who didn’t actively take part in the workshop development process, at a consultative stakeholder workshop later this year. The CTO team will then work with Cybersecurity Working Group to finalise the National Cybersecurity Strategy, incorporating agreed modifications and comments.”

“The public will recall that the 2017/18 Throne Speech included the creation of a National Cybersecurity Strategy by the Cybersecurity Working Group,” the Government noted.

“This Working Group consists of volunteers made up of both public and private sector professionals who have been given the mandate to develop a robust strategy through consultation with relevant stakeholders.

“The national cybersecurity strategy is a plan of actions to develop and strengthen the security and resilience of the cyberspace, infrastructure and Information and Communication Technology [ICT] services of a jurisdiction.”

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