Lavell: Leadership Is About Being Collaborative

March 6, 2018

Deryn Lavell Bermuda March 2018Leadership is about being collaborative, setting a vision and encouraging risk taking, according to the Head of one of the Island’s schools.

Deryn Lavell, the Head of School at Saltus Grammar School, is one of the speakers at the 2018 Inaugural BermudaLEADS Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit [] on March 23 and 24, at the Hamilton Princess.

Other speakers at the event include Premier and Finance Minister David Burt, Michael Branco CEO and Founder, Fireminds and Ptix, Stuart Lacey CEO & Founder, Trunomi and Reverend Jeffrey Brown, Co-founder of My City at Peace and speaker on Collaborative Leadership and Community Building and Architect for The Boston Miracle.

“Leadership to me is about being visionary and being exciting in the vision as well as being collaborative. You do not do it alone, you set the team, you set the vision and work together as a team to provide the roadmap to ensure the vision becomes reality,” said Ms Lavell.

The focus of the talks will be on entrepreneurial leadership and the event’s website says: “In the new era of rapid change and knowledge-based enterprises, managerial work becomes increasingly a leadership endeavour.

“Leadership is a dynamic concept that starts at the individual level and extends to the organisation and beyond. Leadership is the primary force behind successful change for the future. Entrepreneurial leadership is vital in engineering environments that facilitate creative mindsets and to empower employees to act on the corporate vision.”

Ms Lavell, who has almost completed work on a new strategy for the future of Saltus, added: “Leadership is a critical part of education in today’s world. Our children are more entrepreneurial than we know, and education needs to step up and help. We talk about our children being risk takers, but we must be risk takers too.

“We have to be flexible and nimble. We have to have partnerships within the community and all this has to come from the top, leadership is about that.”

Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit Bermuda March 2018

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