Video: 100 Jobs Employment Initiative Launched

March 5, 2018

The Ministry of National Security and the Ministry of Education and Workforce Development are hosting a job fair, with the “100 Jobs” initiative aiming to connect 100 unemployed and underemployed Bermudians with 100 employers.

The 16-minute live video replay is below:

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of National Security and the Ministry of Education and Workforce Development are joining their resources to host a job fair to help unemployed and underemployed individuals.

“At a press briefing this afternoon, the Minister of National Security, the Hon. Wayne Caines launched the “100 Jobs” initiative, with the support of the Department of Workforce Development.

“Interested individuals seeking employment are encouraged to attend a job fair on Monday March 26th at the Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist Youth Center from 4.00pm – 7.00pm.There they can discuss job opportunities with potential employers.

According to Minister Caines, the aim of the initiative is to provide employment opportunities and skills development to those persons looking for a chance to improve their lives.”

Minister Caines added, “A fundamental goal since becoming Government was to enact real and meaningful solutions aimed at improving the lives of the people we serve.

“In the Ministry of National Security, we’re proud of the work we’ve done in the last few months, to not only reduce violence in our community, but also to facilitate an environment of healing, empowerment and support.

“Quite simply, 100 Jobs seeks to connect 100 unemployed and underemployed Bermudians with 100 employers. We see this as an excellent way for business people, corporate entities and small and medium sized businesses to exercise their goodwill by helping to employ their fellow citizens.

“We are of the belief that if a person is able to provide for their family and make a positive contribution to society they are less likely to engage in anti-social behavior.”

Education and Workforce Development Minister Diallo Rabain is urging individuals who wish to be considered for a job to register with the Department so that they can benefit from the skills development.

Prior to the job fair, the Ministry of National Security will host a meeting for all potential employers at the Police recreation Club Hall on March 15th from 5-30-6:30pm. Interested businesses are encouraged to contact Samantha Knight on 294-9283 or email to find out more about participating.”

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Comments (23)

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  1. Great job, Minister Caines. Your efforts and extraordinary interpersonal relationship gifts are going NOTICED.
    Continue on with your BIG HEART. Job well done, P.L.P.!!

    • Zevon says:

      You do realise they have not created one single job, right? These are not new jobs.
      But you will applaud any halfa$$ed thing these people do.

      • Black Soil says:

        Riiiiiight !!!!! Can’t wait to see the results of this. This is PLP at it’s best. Grandstanding about their greatness while they achieve nothing.

        • Hey says:

          The PLP are so desperate to be seen to be achieving things, while achieving NOTHING. The next big comical broadcast will be that out of a 100 people, 50 were employed. Remember the PLP put THOUSANDS of people out of work.

  2. Congratulations, P.L.P.

    • Zevon says:

      For what? Putting together a mixer party?

    • shrew says:

      FOR WHAT? all they’ve done so far is TAKE AWAY rights from some Bermudians, increased thier voting base by increasing the Civil Service at a cost of about $10m… where is all this money coming from?

  3. wopnin says:

    Ok great! Now, will you (Government) help me by reducing the associated costs of hiring someone? health insurance, payroll tax, extra wages, office rent etc etc etc….. You can ask people all you like to employ someone but you have to give something back or you are really pushing up the costs which can be punitive to a lot of small businesses. I’d like to help but cannot hope to do so when the costs of running a business here are so high.

  4. nerema says:

    Still not promising to create one single job.

  5. Vortex says:

    2 questions, what employers? noone is hiring.
    And is this the minister for national security’s job? or doesn’t that matter any more.


  6. I and I says:

    Yes I!!!

  7. puzzled says:

    Another sham by the PLP.

    Wake up onions……….
    you can only fry so many…..

  8. Ok says:

    Bit short of the promise, but it’s a start….

    • Zevon says:

      How is it a start? They are “introducing” unemployed people to employers. BFG. No jobs created.

  9. Stevie says:

    Waste of time by PLP yet again

  10. Tony says:

    Honestly i just want to say! Any step in the right direction is a positive one. Its too much negativity on this island and you would think by now we as bermudians we would be tired of spewing such negativity when there are people trying to do better. At least PLP is trying. Get behind your Gov or at least the people who need help. Save the downward thoughts for another life. One Love

    • Anbu says:

      Nobody spewed more nagativity than the plp pre election. The whole oba tenure in fact. Longest bout of sour grapes in bermudas history. And now they wanna make more civil service jobs and u wanna get behind them?! Smh. Nope. Tell your government to stop wasting money and actually do something besides blow more money on blatantly stupid initiatives. Has everyone forgotten that its the pee el pees fault most of these people are unemployed anyway? But go ahead and say it was the “recessions” fault.

  11. Onion Puke says:

    Easy – they’ll just introduce them swelling Civil Service fed by the elusive PLP money tree.

  12. bermyfish says:

    you want to create jobs for Bermudians? Stop renewing work permit in retail jobs.

  13. Mother Theresa says:

    They don’t even one potential employer. It will be interesting to see how many employers show up. No way will they get 100 jobs. Laughable…….but I expect nothing else from these clowns.

  14. spanner breath says:

    Mr,Caines I respect you, but sorry flip flop!

  15. mm says:

    A very, very, thorough review needs to be done on the work permits currently held, its about 12 thousand. If there has been abuse, it needs to be dealt with, work permits revoked. I see jobs as waiters and food servers in fast food places that locals can do. In every place in the world, some folks are lazy, some to ill to work, some are drug and alcohol dependent and thus unable to pass a drug entry test, some may have a criminal record…but there are still some, able and willing and with-out a criminal record, who find it rough. Have a closer look at the 12 thousand, that may release 2000 from their current employment, I don,t wish hardship on anyone.

    • nerema says:

      Oh yeah. Since your PLP can’t create a single job, harass everyone on a work permit until they leave.
      Burt tried that and it led to a 7-year recession.
      But that’s all you got, when you have no idea how to create employment.