Video: Jason Sukdeo & Rev Brown At Summit

March 27, 2018

Benedict Associates recently held their Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit at the Hamilton Princess, with Bermuda Heroes Weekend CEO Jason ‘D’General’ Sukdeo and Reverend Jeffrey Brown serving as two of the speakers at the event, which was designed to provide attendees the opportunity to harness the expertise of leaders in an “engaging and stimulating” atmosphere.

The other speakers included Dr. Chris Roebuck, Entrepreneurial Leadership Expert; Stuart Lacey, CEO & Founder, Trunomi; Michael Branco, CEO & Founder PTix, Fireminds; Kristin White, Cultural Tourism & Social Entrepreneur; Kendaree Burgess, Executive Director, Bermuda Chamber of Commerce; Dominique Hussey, Lawyer, Bennett Jones, Intellectual Property Expert; Maria Marsh, Human Capital Director and Principal, Nephila; Deryn Lavell, Head of Saltus Grammar School; Malcolm Butterfield, Chief Executive Officer, Bermuda Insurance Institute; and Erica Smith, Executive Director, Bermuda Economic Development Corporation.

The 41-minute live video replay of Mr Sukdeo’s presentation is below:

The 47-minute live video replay of Rev. Jeffrey Brown’s presentation is below:

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