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April 20, 2018

With less than two months to go, Bermuda Heroes Weekend [BHW] said they are preparing for the “best Carnival thus far,” with BHW noting that “in order to participate in the Parade of Bands, you must register with one of our approved bands.”

Earlier this year, it was announced the route would be doubled to accommodate masqueraders demands for more road which will ensure an improved carnival experience for all participants.

Jason Sukdeo, President, BHW, said, “Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2018 promises to be a fun filled weekend for all who choose to participate from our opening event – Five Star Friday to J’Ouvert, the various promoters events, Raft Up and of course, Parade of Bands.

Slideshow of last year’s Parade of Bands


BHW said, “In order to participate in the Parade of Bands, you must register with one of our approved bands for the best experience on the road. We encourage those who haven’t decided to quickly check out Code Red, Party People and Nova Mas International to see which band fits your style. Band registrations close very soon so do not delay in order to avoid disappointment.”

Here is a quick look at the official bands participating this year:

Code Red is Band of the Year for 2017 with this year’s theme “Beyond The Tropics”. Code Red is also the only band with a local designer – Kassie Bather. They have three sections for Parade of Bands and also offer a Vagabond t-shirt package.

For more information on Code Red, visit the following links:

Party People won Band of the Year in 2015 and this year, the band’s theme for this year is “Devas” with three sections. Party People is also offering its popular Survivor package for those who prefer the t-shirt option.

For more information on Party People, visit the following links:

Nova Mas International won Band of the Year in 2016 and has the largest variety of costumes. This year, Nova presents “Makazi – Secrets of the Savanna” with multiples costumes on offer in various sections. Nova also has a t-shirt package which will be released shortly.

To keep up to date with Nova Mas, please visit the following links:

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