Westmeath & Dorothy Crane Homes Get Certified

April 24, 2018 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda National Standards Committee [BNSC] announced the awarding of this year’s accreditation and Certification status to residential care homes and non-profit organizations.

The certification of Residential Care Homes is a first for the island, an initiative spearheaded by the BNSC and collaborative partner, Age Concern Bermuda.

Chairperson of the BNSC, Mr. David Lang stated: “We are delighted that Residential Care Homes have joined the many other local organizations in meeting certification standards thereby demonstrating that they are operating at an international level of best practice. At a time when the Bermuda population is ageing rapidly, such signs of progress will have a meaningful impact in our community”.

The newly Certified Residential Care Homes are Westmeath Residential & Nursing Care Home and Dorothy Crane Nursing Home.

The Certification process is Phase 1 of a two part initiative, Two-Phase Accreditation.

BNSC Manager, Mrs. Nadine Lapsley-Dyer explained, “The process was rigorous and the awardees and their respective representatives worked hard to self-evaluate their current practices of care while at times being introduced to other practices.

“The experience was extremely rewarding and we are very grateful for the support of local compliance officers and other healthcare professionals who comprised the local Peer Reviewer teams”. Awardees will continue on a path to accreditation, which concludes in 2020. T

“he Phase 2 process includes on-site assessments from international Peer Reviewers from the Council on Accreditation in the United States.

Seniors’ Residential Care and Non-Profit Organizations Bermuda April 24 2018

Judith Jones of Dorothy Crane Nursing Home said: “In recognition of the Bermuda National Standards Committee certification, it’s a good action plan for further improvement of Nursing Home Quality.

“Through our ongoing accreditation process, we strive to promote quality of care and of life by interpreting regulations, guidance and organizational practice standards at Dorothy Crane Nursing Home. We are working towards Dorothy Crane Nursing Home to be a role model for nursing homes throughout Bermuda.”

Executive Director of Age Concern, Dr. Claudette Fleming stated: “Congratulations to the homes who have completed the Phase 1 portion of the Accreditation process. It has been our privilege to work in partnership with the BNSC and the Bermuda Government for the first initiative of this kind in Bermuda’s history.

“A special thank you to the working group who spent many hours retrofitting the standards to the Bermuda care environment. These stakeholders included representatives from The Bermuda Hospitals Board, The Bermuda Health Council, The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation, Ageing & Disability Services, the Ministry of Health and Serenity Gardens.

“Our involvement would not have been possible without the financial support of The Bermuda Community Foundation, The Bridge Charitable Trust, XL Catlin and Partner Re. We have enjoyed being a part of this phenomenal cross-sector effort and look forward to seeing the continued improvement of long-term care on the island.”

Two other Residential Care Homes that participated in the 2017 Certification process, are in the process of completing conformance to all of the standards required to become fully certified by the end of the year.

One other facility is an applicant for the Certification process this year and, if successful, will be certified January 2019 and then will work to complete the accreditation process by 2021.

In addition to the residential facilities, BNSC awarded two additional organizations for complying with international standards. The Employee Assistance Program was re-accredited for the next four years and The Adult Education School was certified, completing the first phase of the BNSC Two-Phase Accreditation program.

To date, the BNSC has provided internationally recognized accreditation status to thirteen organizations in Bermuda and provided certification status to sixteen organizations. Bermuda National Standards Committee is welcoming more applicants for next year. For more about BNSC email nadine @prevention.bm or call 336-2821.

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