Willowbank Offer ‘Budget Friendly Family Resort’

April 5, 2018

The recently renovated Willowbank Resort has announced that it is rebranding as a “budget friendly family resort.”

A spokesperson said, “Willowbank Resort, a recently renovated waterfront property with 50 guest rooms, spacious lounges, conference center, recreation grounds, pool and magnificent beaches, nestled on six acres in Bermuda’s West End, officially announced today that it has rebranded as a budget friendly family resort.

“Willowbank had closed in 2011 as a fully operational hotel and partially opened its doors to guests in time for the 35th America’s Cup in May 2017. Willowbank was well received by its guests who felt very much at home away from home.  The rest of 2017 proved that Willowbank had much to offer, especially for families, sport teams, wellness conferences, weddings and other celebratory events. How to define itself and what direction to go into was the big question.

“The direction for Willowbank became crystal clear by the end of 2017. Taking into considering some changes in the local tourism market, and the need for more affordable family-friendly resort options, the management at Willowbank knew that this is the right time to fill a new niche for Bermuda. The price point to be set as Budget-Friendly is intentional so that families are given the opportunity to have an affordable, memorable and unforgettable Bermuda experience all together.

“Willowbank Resort is strategically and ideally positioned where guests can bring their family to relax in cottages that are purpose built and divided into spacious and comfortable guest rooms. They will get to enjoy a beach front resort, literally within minutes from their guest room.

“All residing guests will have access to a new swimming pool, tennis courts, recreational areas and water sports, as well as the opportunity to explore the different amenities throughout the West End, at a more affordable rate compared to other resorts on the island.”

Tricia Shastri, the General Manager at Willowbank, said, “Willowbank has always catered well to families, but herein there will be even more focus on creating an environment that both adults and children can enjoy.

“One example of this is with our gym facilities. While adults are exercising or enjoying some personal time, their children can enjoy one of two designated activity rooms that are in the same building and close by. The children’s activities will include coloring, playdough, puzzles, books and more.

“Upon arrival at Willowbank, guests will be presented with a welcome package. This will include a list of age appropriate events and tours on the island. The front desk reception staff will also have these details readily on hand and be able to answer any questions that they may have.”

“In its first year of operation, Willowbank Resort will operate as a limited, but value-added service. The room rates include a substantial buffet style continental breakfast that is served daily from 7.30am to 9.30am. The guests will also have access to a 24/7-day coffee/tea/water beverage bar and microwave station in the breeze way inside of the main building.

“Whilst the restaurant is not opened for dinners, guests staying at Willowbank Resort can participate in its Dine Around program. A complimentary shuttle service is provided to the Bella Vista Restaurant at Port Royal Golf Course and to the restaurants at Cambridge Beaches. Willowbank can also confirm a relationship with Oleander Cycles, which will make it possible for guests to rent scooters directly on site at the resort.”

“There will be no need to go hungry,” said Mrs. Shastri. “The Willowbank pantry that is situated near the reception desk gives patrons a chance to purchase a selection of edibles with light menu options such as salads, wraps and snacks that can be easily taken off site to enjoy throughout the day, while on an outing or taken back to their rooms for a casual lunch or dinner.

“Chef Ron will also assist with special requests. The pantry will also have the provisions for essentials and extras; these will include toiletries, sun lotion, medicines, and much more. It is aimed that these slight changes will help to give families even more exciting things to look forward to during their stay at Willowbank Resort.”

“In addition to improving the tennis and basketball courts, as well as the swimming pool, guests will have access to on-property activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and swimming at either of Willowbank’s two private beaches. Fantasea Diving & Watersports operate some of its tours from Willowbank Resort and this gives added value for the guests staying at Willowbank. Fantasea also offer mountain bike tours on the Railway Trails, which are very popular, and Willowbank will continue to add new activities as the new resort develops.”

Willowbank Resort will be operated by an all Bermudian staff led by an executive team of four managers, including the General Manager, Director of Engineers, Executive Housekeeper, and Reservations Manager.”

“The team are all well experienced and ready to serve with excellence,” Mrs. Shastri added. “Last, but not least, Willowbank Resort is looking forward to welcoming its first guests under the new rebrand on April 6th. This month will serve as a soft opening for the resort, which will be fully up and running by May. This is an extremely exciting time for Willowbank Resort.”

Minister of Economic Development and Tourism Jamahl Simmons said, “On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism, we are pleased to support the Willowbank Foundation and the Board of Trustees at the reopening of this beautiful property. The launch of new Willowbank Resort provides a perfect option for visitors looking for guest properties that accommodate children, parents and extended family vacations.

“The Government is committed to making Bermuda an even more business and investor-friendly jurisdiction than ever before, as we recognize that their success equals jobs for Bermudians. We are encouraged by the confidence that they have placed in Bermuda, and we are delighted to welcome this family-friendly resort to the West End.”

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