Dunkley: If You Know Something, Say Something

May 16, 2018

“It is most concerning to learn of a reported incident of gunshots last night in Hamilton,” Shadow Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley said, adding that he urges anyone who might have information to “step forward to help resolve this or any other matter and play a part in making Bermuda a better place.”

This follows after footage circulating apparently depicts the aftermath of what appears to be shots fired in the Docksider Pub and Restaurant area in Hamilton early this morning. This has not yet been officially confirmed by the police, however they will be holding a press conference later this afternoon on the matter, which we will carry live on Bernews Facebook page.

Mr Dunkley said, “In spite of the commitment, dedication and progress of successive governments in dealing with gun violence, in tandem with many community groups, it is most concerning to learn of a reported incident of gunshots last night in Hamilton and on the back of recent incidents in our streets.

“The island is now at the start of what is predicted to be a busy tourism season by air and sea. Meanwhile we continue to work hard to promote Bermuda around the world as a place to visit and do business. Shocking incidents like this, and any gun violence, have the potential to harm all the hard work and impact in a negative way every Bermudian.

“We must not become immune to the potential impact on all of us. We must continue to stand up and push back against those few whose acts of violence effect all of us.

“As the Shadow Minister of National Security I have this morning reached out to some of those impacted by this incident to express our support to them after this terrifying experience.
It has been said before, but it should be repeated over and over again, that we are all in this together.

“The Bermuda Police Service and all the community partners currently involved can not do it by themselves. If you saw something then say something and, if you know something, then say something. Crime Stoppers is another confidential way to provide information.

“In addition social media is a very powerful; capturing images that can be very useful in many cases of violence or lawbreaking. I urge anyone who might have information to push fear aside and step forward to help resolve this or any other matter and play a part in making Bermuda a better place!”

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  1. smh says:

    Oh NOW Dunkley wants to care about crime? I guess it’s finally on the “wrong” side of town…

    • Wahoo juice says:

      Not fair he has always been vocal about crime.

    • Jus' Askin' says:


    • jt says:

      And you’re saying he’s predictable.


      All Dunkley CARES ABOUT IS u.b.p. AND o.b.a.They really attempted to destroy born Bermudians.
      I wonder if his hands are still tied??
      Rather an unfair, biased former premier. No vote from here!!
      He went down as the WORST premier ever in this small country.

  2. rodney smith says:

    How do we get the guns off the street ? One way would be to give these young men HOPE . What is HOPE ? Hope is the ability to see a brighter tomorrow . This is a powerful tool in our hands . As it is , they are prepared to do the time for their crime . Hope provides an opportunity to change lives before trouble comes . As a country , we are prepared to spend $85,000 each year per prisoner , where as we could put four persons in a trade school for the same money . When will we learn our lesson that human life is purposive . These young men want better for themselves . We must make it attractive .

  3. If YOU , Dunkley, had your turn to SAY SOMETHING, YOU DID YOUR UTMOST TO DESTROY BERMUDIANS BORN HERE. Do take time out to lap up your errors of your terrible ways and you would find your errors distasteful, bitter and riddled with nonsense!