Men Aim To Give Back At ‘Connection’ Event

May 14, 2018

Men who have been involved in the “street life” and want to give back will be the featured speakers at the next Youthvision event on June 2nd.

Desmond Crockwell said, “Our planned event will include men who have been involved in the street life and want to give back. They are serious about sharing their stories, experiences, and knowledge in order to see a safer Bermuda.

“It takes courage, passion and a love for our community for these men to step forward and take a lead in the rehabilitation of our broken community.

“For that, we think they should be commended and supported for their efforts. They are here for anyone one who may seek support for a young person who may be deemed ‘at risk,’ or is heading down a path of potential destruction. These names are known on the streets of Bermuda in their areas, and their voices mean a lot to a lot of people.

“We encourage the community to come out listen to what these guys have to say and understand how and what we can do to help others who were in the same position.

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“Please let me say that I have heard a few people state that ‘the gangsters don’t come out to these meetings’, and for that our response is that the message is getting to them,” Mr Crockwell continues.

“Word of mouth is the biggest advertiser and through the efforts of those who speak up, the message will travel. 90% of the people who know what we are trying to do have probably never attended one of our events, but they hear about it somehow/someway. So those who are willing to speak must continue to speak because words are powerful.

“As for this particular event, our plan is to connect people who seek help, with those that want to help on that night. We have had many people contact us and say that they want to help, and many who have shared concerns about their loved ones.

“If you are one of those people, then this is the place to connect. We need everyone, from retired teachers to former drug addicts to come out and connect [Particularly Men], because many hands make light work, and there is work to be done, particularly with our boys.

“Featured speakers will be former inmates Fitzey Richardson, Andre Minors, Raymond “Whopper Benz” Symonds, as well as teacher Anthony Peets, and Childwatch founder, Eddie Tavares. There will be other speakers who will share their testimonies as well.

“There will be a half hour time to connect with others,” Mr Crockwell said. “This should be powerful.”

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