Motorcyclist Injured In Front Street Collision

May 6, 2018

[Updated] Emergency services responded to a collision tonight [May 6] on Front Street that resulted in a motorcyclist being injured and taken to hospital according to police.

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “Police and first responders attended a report of a road traffic collision that took place on Front Street outside of The Docksider Pub and Restaurant on Sunday night at 9:35pm.

“It appears that a car was stationary in a parking bay when the driver commenced his journey in a westerly direction, however he collided with a man on a motorcycle traveling in the same direction.

“The rider of the motorcycle was taken to the hospital via ambulance with head and leg injuries. The scene has been cordoned off whilst the relevant officers process the scene. Police are appealing for witnesses to contact PC Tiffani DeSilva 295-0011.”

Update 12.38pm, May 7: A police spokesperson said, “At last check this morning [May 7th] the motorcyclist injured in a collision with a car on Front Street in the City of Hamilton outside of The Docksider Pub and Restaurant around 9:30pm Sunday, May 6th – said to be a 44 year old Sandys parish man – had been treated and discharged from the hospital. Inquiries continue and any witnesses are asked to contact Constable Tiffani DeSilva on 295-0011.”

Collision Bermuda, May 6 2018-48

Collision Bermuda, May 6 2018-49

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  1. PANGAEA says:

    A motor cycle is not a circus act.

    I decided to ride my bike to day just to see how much trouble I could get out of.

    I found, that, it did not take that much,I also found that I need to pay greater atention, I don’t own the road, I share it with others, people appreciate it when I give them the right of way.

    The first trick I tried ,was to turn my head away from the road ahead , that was dumb, I found that in less that half a second I became disoriented , that got me thinking what is the secret here , I discivered that it was better to keep my head facing forward and flick my eyes around like a human radar mahine, I also use my mirrors alot. I guess you all know that the front brake can put you on the ground if you don’t use it unwisely.

    I tried the tail gate trick, that backfired ,because I found that I did not alow my self sufficient stopping distance .

    The tour bus infront of me gve me a blast of black smoke going up Croral Beach hill, I could not see aroung the thing much less under it, like i usualy do with cars, I tried the two second rule like when driving a car ,that did not give me much room to stop if need be, so I ncreased the following distance to 3 + seconds as bikes need more time.

    I am usualy good a doing corners but some of them did not work out as I had planned , the problem there was going just a little too fast for that corner .

    The same corner is not always the same.

    ” Right of way” we all know what that is , the down side is you could be “dead right” better to drive defensively you never know if you were seen or that person just passes the test or has some other issue.

    While riding I talk to my self as i see things, the reason is so i don’t forget there is a person on the side walk thinking of crossing.

    Girl watching can get you into a pile of trouble,as i am the one who wants to be noticed , so i use my flasher signals more than alot , i am a regular light show going down the road.

    I control trafic with my hand signals try it , it works !

    Did you know that vehicles can talk to one another, it’s called comunications, make eye contact.

    Talking about lights and horns, horns are for day use, flashing the head light works best at night ,do reserve the high beam for that, because, at night no body knows where the horn sound is coming from.

    I am no different that the average driver/rider , I noticed one thing if i use my brakes alot i must be going too fast .

    I don’t like being overtaken by people taking chances i am not alone here, I console my self with the thouhght that it is better to have that person in front of me than behind me.

    I saved a life today, it was my own.